Lisa Wilkinson blows up Prince Andrew on a project

Turning to Prince Harry and Megan, Lisa Wilkinson issued a timely reminder to remember Prince Andrew.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, you’ll be familiar with the impact of Megan Markle and Prince Harry on the royal family and its followers.

From resigning as a senior royal family to publicly exploding a family in a full-blown interview, there was no moment when they weren’t in the headline.

Most recently, the birth of her daughter, Lillivet Diana, was in the news, and today with Harry. BBC,He Did not seek approval from the Queen to use her nickname..

Sun The palace sources BBC Sussexes “has never asked” His Majesty about the use of his childhood nickname.

Harry counterattacked just 90 minutes later saying that his grandmother was “supporting” his name choice and the couple would not have used it otherwise.

During the Thursday night episode project, The issue was raised.

But it was Lisa Wilkinson’s comment that everyone agreed. All this Megan and Harry news is the best it’s ever happened. Prince Andrew..

Prior to the advent of #Megxit, Prince Andrew was scattered in all news headlines due to his intimate friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“Who knows what the truth of this story is,” Wilkinson began, discussing the names of Harry and Megan’s newborn. “All I know is how much Prince Andrew loves the oxygen that this ridiculous story is talking about right now.”

Relation: Prince Charles keeps Andrew out

Prince Andrew’s late Epstein’s involvement in the sex trafficking ring seems to have been pushed aside, but he Recently stripped of 50 supporters..

Telegraph He said that some people find it “no longer appropriate” to continue their public relationship with him.

Others are said to have expressed their desire to find someone who is “better” for their goals and values.

Relation: Andrew provided $ 9 for lie detector test

A spokesperson for the Duke of York declined to comment on the report.

Andrew was accused of having sex twice at the age of 17 by Virginia Juffle, one of Epstein’s victims.

He has strongly denied all accusations and has kept them unobtrusive since he was kicked out of the spotlight.

Lisa Wilkinson blows up Prince Andrew on a project

Source link Lisa Wilkinson blows up Prince Andrew on a project

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