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It is arguable that Griffith needs a new dedicated art gallery and cultural center for a modern, progressive city. The main drawback is that it is not large enough to display a traveling exhibition or your own collection. The gallery has not undergone substantial improvements since its opening in 1983 and lacks climate control, accessibility and adequate security. Today’s galleries are rated by state museums and professional artists as one of the worst regional galleries in NSW. Refurbishing or reconstructing an existing building is useless as it does not meet the parameters of a modern gallery to meet future needs. I strongly feel that the most obvious location of the new gallery is the old Bowling Green next to the visitor center. I submitted to Congress to withdraw the policy of building a rose garden on this site. The idea of ​​using a rose garden, or any form of garden, on this site is unexpected. The council seems to have provided this block to a small group for the rose garden, and there was no consultation with a wide range of communities, especially expert research on soil, drainage and residual chemical compatibility of the site. .. In combination with the visitor center, this site is perfect for art gallery culture and visitor centers. The proposed rose garden does not take tourists to the city, but the proposed gallery will bring many visitors and therefore income to the city. Another garden has already expanded the garden department of the parliament. Although added to the features that have been added, resources should be devoted to maintaining the current parks and gardens. For Griffith citizens, withdraw the current policy of establishing a rose garden and combine it with a visitor center. Please support Congress’s proposal to provide this site to future regional art galleries and cultural centers. I would like to point out the downsides of large-scale mining in the region in connection with the May 26 area news article, “Support for Mining Exploration by Prominent Farmers’ Voices.” Although mining may take place on unusable land in some areas, the Exploration Lease EL8907 (“Monia Gap”) is a valuable source of productive farmland, valuable natural environmental assets, and endangered species. Covers various biodiversity. It is also located above the aquifer, hundreds of kilometers away, near communities and water resources, the lifeline of agricultural production. Mining activities will put these important resources and natural assets at risk of pollution, degradation and depletion. Mining adverse effects on local infrastructure, biosecurity, water resources, air quality and biodiversity in order for farmers to continue to provide Australia and the world with food and fiber produced in a healthy and sustainable manner. You need to manage a farm without water. We feel that the role of mining in this community, even if it benefits the local economy, is short-term and limited. The impact on the landscape after exploration, mining, and related activities is devastating. The landscape never returns to its pre-activity state as described above. Agriculture and tourism provide sustainable income and local employment indefinitely, while mining removes minerals, worsens the environment and hollows out communities. We do not allow mines to pollute and degrade the environmental value of the local economy and the Moniagap / Naradhan community.


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Letter to the Editor: May 28, 2021 | Area News

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