Lenny’s 3-day session to win wallaby applicants on the same page

The camp will be held at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. This cove is not far from where Lenny, Johnson and other wallaby assistants currently live north of the River Tweed.

It has not been decided who will join the camp, but Johnson Herald It will be an “extensive team”.

“We didn’t want to get in the way of Super Rugby coaches too much, but we wanted to be clear and talk about where we were a very big year ago,” Johnson said. “We don’t want the first session to be the end of Super Rugby’s business. We spend three days together so that our coaches can pull out some things and provide feedback.

“Looking at the calendar, this year is a big year. It’s a lot of quality opposition and that’s what we want. It’s still a developing team at the national level. A year later, it works. For example [we can have] Field performance is better. “

Wallaby won one of six tests in 2020, but ended up with three painful draws, one against New Zealand and two against Argentina.

Australia will face France three times in July, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the specific plans for the Bledisloe Cup or Rugby Championship have not yet been outlined.

The same is true for Super Rugby Transtusman. Two teams from the same country will face each other in a five-week tournament where the Australian team will face Kiwi rivals before the final.

RA and New Zealand Rugby will call by the end of the month to see if they can proceed with the competition scheduled to start on May 14. Quarantine regulations are a real headache.

The Australian Super Rugby franchise wants to plan a home match and clarify earlier to make informed decisions about managing the team if the Super Rugby AU season is extended. ..

Johnson makes it clear that the Australian team is in control and wants it to move forward.


“We want to take on Kiwi. We want one of our teams to win the Super Rugby Transtusman,” Johnson said.

“We need two Australian teams in the final. I want to be clear. That’s my ambition.”

It’s a big week for the Waratas. The Waratas are now the only team without winning a name after the Melbourne rebels left Perth with a long-awaited victory.

New South Wales traveled to Melbourne on Friday for a match against the rebels, but did not pressure players and coaching staff to defeat three consecutive games.

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Lenny’s 3-day session to win wallaby applicants on the same page

Source link Lenny’s 3-day session to win wallaby applicants on the same page

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