LegalVision eSigns with Annature-Australia’s FinTech

Two of the pioneers of digital business in the United States are currently partnering to provide eSigning solutions to businesses and clients in Australia and New Zealand.

LegalVision, named by the Financial Times as the fastest growing law firm in the Asia Pacific region, Unnature To provide eSigning solutions to lawyers and business clients.

“Annature has provided Legal Vision with something practical that our competitors do not have. Flexibility and immediate integration with our client portal. This is an advantage in supporting our legal technology roadmap. “Evan Tait-Styles, CTO of Legal Vision, said.

Unnature Is Australia’s leading digital signature, identity verification, and payment solution for small and enterprise businesses across Australia and New Zealand. It is trusted by the fast-growing partner network of recognized brands. Annature, founded by serial entrepreneur Amreeta Abbott in 2020 after establishing and operating NowInfinity for several years, enables businesses and individuals to send and sign documents electronically and securely.

Unnature It features bank-grade security features backed by ISO 27001 certification, as well as an integrated network of world-leading document management solutions and cloud storage providers.

“We are proud to bring our eSigning solution to Legal Vision,” said Amreeta Abbott, CEO and Founder. “As a pioneer in legal innovation, the company is committed to transforming the legal industry and digitizing legal workflows to improve performance and efficiency. Annature supports this model by streamlining manual processes. To be able to share, execute, and electronically sign contracts and legal documents from anywhere. “

“Annature is a flexible pay-as-you-go or subscription model that allows you to scale up your Legal Vision requirements whenever you need them. Our customer support team is in Australia and is always available.”

LegalVision’s innovative membership model is the first in the legal industry to provide clients with unlimited legal services at a low monthly fee. Custom-built technology that enables 80 lawyers to deliver a faster, better, and more cost-effective client experience.

Evan Tait-Styles states: We are always looking for ways to get rid of management time from lawyers and focus on delivering a great client experience. “

“Annature’s pricing model is perfect for us because we add value to our clients as much as possible. You can add Annature to your client’s subscription. Significant immediate access to signatures, document storage and contracts. It is more efficient and does not increase the cost of the client. “

Amreeta Abbott is convinced that Annature is an essential step for most businesses. Automatically synchronizing eSigning data has become part of the global transition to digital work methods and cloud solutions in the last 18 months.

According to her, Annature is transforming the basics of digital workflows, instantly producing efficiency and performance benefits, and having a significant price advantage over less featured foreign brands.

LegalVision eSigns with Annature-Australia’s FinTech

Source link LegalVision eSigns with Annature-Australia’s FinTech

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