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Left-wing local teacher Pedro Castillo inaugurated as President of Peru | Peru

Pedro Castillo, a left-wing political novice who promised to be a defender of his country’s poor, became president of Peru.

A local teacher who had never been in power before was sworn in less than two weeks after being declared the winner of the June 6 elections. He is the first president of Peru from a farmer.

At a ceremony in the capital of Lima, Castillo said, “For God, for my family, for my peasant sisters and brothers, teachers, patrols, children, young people and women, and for the new constitution. I made a promise. Then he sang the national anthem, took off his signature hat and put it on his heart.

Castillo’s presidency follows Francisco Sagasty’s presidency, which Congress appointed in November to lead South American countries after weeks of political turmoil.

Castillo, who lived with his family in a sun-dried house deep in the Andes until a few days ago, Will face a deeply divided parliament It will make it very difficult for him to fulfill his promise of a campaign to help the poor, who are estimated to make up about one-third of Peru’s population. His political skills are quickly tested and his ability to reach an agreement can even determine whether Congress will allow him to end his term.

Castillo is his opponent, Right-wing politician Keiko Fujimori, With only 44,000 votes. Fujimori claimed fraudDisputed about 500,000 votes, sought to invalidate half, and urged Peruvian Election Commission officials to review ballots, despite no evidence of fraud.

Citizens of poor rural areas of Peru supported Castillo and his slogan, “No more poor in a rich country,” and the elite supported Fujimori, the daughter of a dictator imprisoned in the 1990s. Alberto Fujimori.. He surprised voters and observers by getting out of the pool of 18 candidates and proceeding to the spill to number one.

Castillo’s first proposal to nationalize the country’s mining warned among business leaders. Although that stance has eased, it continues to work on rewriting the constitution approved under Fujimori’s father’s administration.

Peru is the world’s second largest exporter of copper, with mining accounting for almost 10% of GDP and 60% of exports. The economy was crushed by a coronavirus pandemic, raising poverty levels and eliminating decades of profit.

In November, after being impeached by parliament on suspicion of corruption, Peru had three presidents in a week, and protests forced his successors to resign. Later, lawmakers appointed Sagasti.

Thousands of small businesses have been closed in the last 16 months, and post-election political uncertainty has withdrawn millions of dollars from local banks.

The pandemic has pushed Peru’s medical and cemetery infrastructure beyond capacity. People’s distrust of the government has also increased as they mismanaged Covid-19’s response and conducted secret vaccination campaigns against connected people involved in public scandals.

Castillo has promised to vaccinate all Peruvians with the Covid-19 vaccine.

Until recently, Castillo was a rural school teacher in the country’s third poorest district. The son of a illiteracy peasant led a teacher strike in 2017. He is married and has two children.

Several delegations from other countries have traveled to witness the transition of the Peruvian president.

Left-wing local teacher Pedro Castillo inaugurated as President of Peru | Peru

Source link Left-wing local teacher Pedro Castillo inaugurated as President of Peru | Peru

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