Latest snapshot of the effects of coronavirus

Latest COVID-19 development:

* AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine will continue to be produced in Australia until next year, with the remaining doses shipped to neighboring countries.

* Victoria is pushing ahead with plans to ease restrictions, despite a record 2297 COVID-19 cases per day and more cases reported in the future.

* This is the first time that daily infections have exceeded 2000 in Australian states or territories, and the number of infections has surged from 1571 to 700 the day before.

* Another 11 Victorian people died of COVID-19, killing 125 people from the current outbreak.

* Grade 12 exposed to COVID-19 can take the final exam in Victoria even if it is changed to be in a separate room from other students.

* Victoria will be the first Australian state or territory to ban unvaccinated MPs from entering Parliament.

* New South Wales recorded 406 new local cases of COVID-19 and 6 more deaths on Thursday as the state announced more incentives for people to return to the reopened venue. ..

* The Senate Coronavirus Commission has heard that illegal drug trafficking is responsible for the massive COVID-19 outbreak in western New South Wales.

* The region’s prime minister said the exit from the ACT blockade needs to be prudent and gradual prior to deregulation in Canberra on Friday.

* Forty-six new cases were reported during the last full day of the blockade at ACT. This is one of the highest totals per day.

* At least 50 men in New South Wales infected with the coronavirus who illegally invaded Tasmania and escaped the quarantine of Hobart’s hotel have been in contact.

* Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parasek reiterated that the state border could reopen at the COVID-19 hotspot before Christmas, stating that the next six weeks of vaccine deployment are important. rice field.

* South Australia will create an additional 93 beds throughout Adelaide’s public hospital network to prepare for a surge in COVID-19 cases when border restrictions are relaxed.

Australian vaccination number:

* By Wednesday, the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination deployment had 31,679,382 doses, including 320,773 doses over the last 24 hours.

* Of the total, 18,484,671 is federally controlled (up 204,059 in the last 24 hours).

* 13,194,711 are managed by states and territories, including 116,714 in the last 24 hours.

* Nationwide, 83.6% of people over the age of 16 are vaccinated once and 65.4% are fully vaccinated.

Australian Coronavirus Number:

* Australia reported 2750 local cases on Thursday. There are 2297 in Victoria, 406 in New South Wales, 46 in ACT and 1 in Tasmania.

* There was one hotel quarantine case in New South Wales.

* The national death toll is 1495: Victoria 945, NSW 510, Tasmania 13, WA 9, Queensland 7, ACT 9, and SA4 (two Queensland residents who died in NSW are officials of both states. Included in the price).

Global coronavirus count:

* Case: At least 239,130,000.

* Death: At least 4,873,000.

* Vaccine dose administered: at least 6,534,369,000.

Data as of October 14, 1700 AEDT, incorporating federal and state / territory government updates and Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center figures.

Latest snapshot of the effects of coronavirus

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