Latest snapshot of the effects of coronavirus

Latest COVID-19 development:

* Another 12 Australians COVID-19 to pressure the state to open home quarantine to allow more people stuck abroad to reunite with their families by Christmas Died in.

* Federal Minister of Tourism and Trade Dan Tehan urged the state to reconsider its position on home quarantine.

* NSW reported 1007 new cases with 11 deaths, including 3 who died at home before being diagnosed.

* More than half of the cases diagnosed on Friday were in western and southwest Sydney. However, there are concerns about an increase in the number of cases in Illawarra, south of the city, and 70 new cases have been reported.

* Recent deaths were 10 men and 1 woman. Nine of them were unvaccinated and the other two were one jab. A man in his 40s, a man in his 50s, and a woman in his 80s died at home.

* Due to their death, the state’s latest outbreak has reached 288.

* Victoria recorded 847 new incidents (daily records) acquired locally and another death as part of the state was preparing to break out of the blockade.

* On the Surf Coast, restrictions will be relaxed from midnight on Sunday after one virus case has been recorded in the area.

* While the situation looks “relatively positive” for Greater Girong, Mitchell Shire, who recorded seven new cases on Saturday, could remain locked down.

* Police drowned out protests against blockades and vaccines on Day 6 in Melbourne, disbanded and arrested demonstrators.

* The 32 new infections recorded in ACT corresponded to the largest daily increase in the region since the latest outbreaks began.

* After two fully vaccinated workers were positive, nine cases occurred in a geriatric care facility in Canberra, and two of the patients in Canberra Hospital were positive.

* Apple Isle seems to have avoided the COVID-19 outbreak after it was positive that a Melbourne-based contractor was working on a Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

* All 11 Tasmanian-based crew members were identified as close contact and had a negative rapid test result, but 2 out of 6 in Victoria were also negative.

Australian vaccination number:

* By Friday, the nationwide COVID-19 vaccination deployment had 26,441,588 vaccinations, including 311,275 over the last 24 hours.

* Of the total, 15,210,701 are federal controlled (up 177,357 over the last 24 hours).

* 11,230,887 are managed by states and territories, including 133,918 in the last 24 hours.

* Nationwide, 75.41% of people over the age of 16 are vaccinated once and 50.95% are fully vaccinated.

Australian Coronavirus Number:

* Australia reported 1887 local cases on Saturday: 1007 in New South Wales, 847 in Victoria, 32 in ACT, and 1 in Queensland.

* No overseas acquisitions have been reported.

* The national death toll is 1218: NSW 344, Victoria 838, Tasmania 13, WA 9, Queensland 7, SA 4, ACT 3. (Two Queensland residents who died in NSW are included in the official rates for both states).

Global coronavirus count:

* Case: At least 231,154,000.

* Death: At least 4,737,000.

* Vaccine dose administered: at least 6,046,193,000.

Data as of 1630 AEST on September 25, incorporating up-to-date federal and state / territory government figures and figures from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Latest snapshot of the effects of coronavirus

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