Latest Free Agent News, Mason Cockskollingwood Contract, Daniel Talia Injury, Geelong, Richmond

The last-minute deal is set up to give Mason Cox a pardon at Collingwood.

In addition, veteran defenders are not on the market, so some clubs have no choice.

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Cox to cash with rack trade

Collingwood is keen to sign up for Mason Cox in 2022 after Luckman’s Max Lynch was sent off later in the trading period.

Lynch was traded to Hawthorne on Wednesday night’s final move, and a late-choice exchange won the deal across the line. It saw magpies upgrade future 4th round picks to future 3rd round picks.

However, leaving the 23-year-old means that you now need a 31-year-old Cox.

He was disappointed and ready to consider a contract with another club. Manager Liam Pickering confirmed that Fremantle was interested in Cox.

On Thursday, Magpie football boss Graham Wright confirmed that the club was discussing Cox’s New Deal with Pickering.

“I want Mason to stay, it’s certainly up to him, and he may have some options around it, but” Pickers “and I had some late yesterday. I had a conversation. We have hope, but keep in mind that there may be others who are interested, “Wright said.

“We know he can play the rack and he can play as a forward.”

Without Lynch, the magpie would only have Cox after starting Luckman’s Brody Grandy. Darcy Cameron can play the role of a forward rack.

These four or more defenders, Jordan Ruffhead, were the only Collinwood players to record a hitout in 2021.

Cox has played 76 AFL games since being hired as a rookie in 2014, and played the 24 best career games in 2018 when he helped Collingwood make the Grand Finals.

He played only seven senior games in 2021.

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US Open Veterans Off-Market

Former Adelaide defender Daniel Talia will not be an AFL club option in 2022 as he will be off for a year due to injury or family reasons.

The Dual All-Australian team was released from the club with veteran Tom Lynch at the end of the season because they didn’t play in 2021 due to a leg injury.

Talia was linked to clubs such as Geelong and Richmond throughout the trading period as an option for delisting free agents, but St Kilda is also seeking defensive help.

While he was talking to the Tigers, they chose Robbie Tarrant in North Melbourne instead, and Talia’s manager Liam Pickering because he was keen on further foot surgery and his family staying in Adelaide. He says he won’t play at all in 2022.

“Daniel, he won’t play next year. One: his family, they want to stay in Adelaide, he has two young children under the age of two, his wife is an Adelaide girl.” Pickering said. SEN Morning..

“He chatted with Richmond. I think the Tigers felt the same. They felt it would be difficult to get over him anyway.

“They were also worried about his feet having all the rights they had when talking to them shortly after the season. They went with Robbie Tarrant, it was. fine.

“He has a problem with his leg tendons. It’s not very good yet. He has to go back and have surgery. Talia won’t play next year.

“The foot locked him out for a year and he’s trying to rehabilitate it and get it right, but that just doesn’t work … he experienced another setback with it.

“He needs to talk to the surgeon to see where it is. It’s just not getting better.”

Even if Talia recovers and changes his mind, he can sign up if a pre-season supplementary selection period is held in 2022 or in a mid-season draft.

He has played 200 AFL games since being named the 13th pick in the 2009 draft. Talia was an All-Australian team in 2014 and 2016 and was a team member in 2019.

Latest Free Agent News, Mason Cockskollingwood Contract, Daniel Talia Injury, Geelong, Richmond

Source link Latest Free Agent News, Mason Cockskollingwood Contract, Daniel Talia Injury, Geelong, Richmond

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