Lane Cove Council weeds out magpies after locals report violent repeated attacks

Blood-collecting magpies are in the spotlight, and the New South Wales Parliament is set to dispose of over-protected birds after numerous violent attacks over the past month.

Due to the regularity and severity of the plunging ambush, the Lane Cove Council has proposed the first selection of magpies, a species protected throughout New South Wales.

LCCs say they have no choice but to reduce the number of assaults to prevent serious injuries and deaths to the locals who recorded and photographed them. The most aggressive birds in the area are “licensed to do harm”.

Camera iconImage provided to the council showing blood drawn from a magpie attack. It led to the proposed selection of magpies in the Love Cove Council credit: NCA NewsWire

During August, the beginning of the “dive season,” magpies bleeded from their ears, scalp, and forehead, one poking at least three times and the other suffering from “whiplash.”

To support the selection decision, the council released eight examples of attacks, including one who wrote, “I kept running, but stormed three times.” I contacted them all three times and collected blood two of them. “

The main concern is the area near Johnston Crescent and Tantalon Road in Lane Cove North, next to the wooded Stringybark Creek and close to the Batten Reserve.

Since 2020, the council has said it has done everything in its power to reduce attacks, from warning the inhabitants of swooping birds to suggesting ways to avoid them.

Camera iconMagpies nesting about 10km northwest of Sydney’s CBD have been notified after the Lane Cove Council announced proposed culling following numerous attacks. Photo Tara Closer. credit: News Corp Australia

The council provided residents with umbrellas and provided QR code check-in to help them warn of danger ahead.

The website will show you the location of the attack and whether you were injured by the attack.

According to a statement from the council, “Through the long season of plunge, the council follows recommended processes to reduce the likelihood of attacks, such as raising awareness of residents, signboards, and contacting residents in nearby streets. I did. “

“At the request of some residents, we will report the incident on the Magpie Alert website, including a new sign with a QR code, and provide an umbrella nearby for those who feel they can benefit from further protection. bottom.

“Our aim was to support the positive outcomes of the population and local wildlife. Injuries to the population continued in the 2021 season near Johnston Crescent, from neighbors during this second season. Concerns are growing. “

A map showing the number of attacks in the area where the Lane Cove Council is trying to weed out a large number of magpies.Photo: & amp; # 160; Magpie Alert
Camera iconA map showing the number of attacks in the area where the Lane Cove Council is trying to weed out a large number of magpies.Magpie Alert credit: NCA NewsWire

However, all efforts to reduce attacks and injuries have failed, and selection has become the only option, the council said.

To make matters worse, the council says that the seasonal two-three-month plunge season has now been blown away in six months, and relocation is not an option.

“It was hoped that the 2021 season would improve, but unfortunately, as the plunge season in this particular area took place from July to December, due to injuries, the council decided on options for National Park Wildlife. We continue to be in contact with the Bureau (NPWS) last year, “they said.

“Unfortunately, the NPWS Policy on the Management of Native Birds That Show Aggression to People” states that “if bird removal is required, animal destruction is the only option to consider.” Therefore, it is not possible to relocate the birds. ..

“As part of the NPWS process, the council should notify residents by letter prior to the proposed culling and ensure that appropriate signs are in place during the culling of up to two birds.

“This is the first mug-picking in recent memory, and we hope the council is an isolated case.”

Sea world protest
Camera iconEmma Hurst, a member of Parliament for the Animal Justice Party in New South Wales, wants the legislature to condemn culling.Mike Butterham credit: News Corp Australia

Animal Justice politician Emma Hurst said she would raise Kal in the state legislature and look for a “house” to blame Kal.

She said it was a “brutal kneeling reaction”, with little consideration given to chicks that were left in the nest and preyed on by other animals.

“There is absolutely no excuse for this ruthless action,” a New South Wales House of Councilors politician said in a statement.

Camera iconEight examples of magpie attacks have been released by the Lane Cove Council. Cod closer. credit: News Corp Australia

Documented attack example

(Johnston Crescent and Tantalon Road Area in Lane Cove North)

5/8/21 –’Sudden from behind, hitting behind the right ear, bleeding and leaving a headache. I’ve never heard it come. I walked backwards for a while, but there was no further attempt. – –

6/8/21 –’Dive while walking. I shed blood on the top of my head. “

9/8/21 –’Magpie came and raided me. I couldn’t see it coming from behind and scratched my head. I now have 3 bleeding wounds. I felt like my shoes hit my head and the pain lasted for three days. “

18/8/21 –’Magpie plunged first, I walked, attacked my forehead, bleeding, tried to run, but continued to plunge and stopped when I turned another street. Scary and very aggressive … I kept chasing me.

Camera iconSuch a magpie attack on the outskirts of Brisbane raises concerns for the Lane Cove Council.Liam Kidston credit: News Corp Australia

19/8/21 – I plunged from behind and was hit on the side of my head. If I had turned a little, it would have been my eyes. This is scary. I plunge almost every day. Certainly enough. Do I have to wait until someone loses my eyes to sort this out? If this was a dog, it would have been defeated!

27/8/21 – As I was walking down the street, a magpie plummeted and stabbed behind my head. I was bleeding and now had a bruise, a headache, and a very painful head. It’s very scary to walk this road again without protection.

29/8/21 – He hit the right side of his head hard and continued to plunge. I was very shivered, felt a lot of bleeding from the wound, and consulted a doctor. The GP took it very seriously and explained that the wound was a hematoma, which is good because it means that there is no skull fracture, which is not uncommon. It was cleaned and required tetanus vaccination and antibiotics. Panador is recommended for headaches and Heat Pack for neck whiplash. If you need to take a leave of absence, you will be provided with a 3-day doctoral certificate. If it gets worse overnight, you need to come back. It’s $ 100 to watch the GP on Sunday. Please bring a photo if it helps. “

Lane Cove Council weeds out magpies after locals report violent repeated attacks

Source link Lane Cove Council weeds out magpies after locals report violent repeated attacks

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