Lamb on a remote farm is more than a story of a hairy sheep

Lamb ★★ ½
MA (106 minutes), some movie theaters

What is the movie epidemic named after livestock?Valdimer Johansson’s Lamb Just a week after Nicolas Cage’s ride, I found a way to an Australian cinema Pig..Throw in First cow I’ve been in the middle of a box set since the beginning of this year.

Valdimar Johansson’s lamb delves into magical realism, but there is plenty of room for

by chance, First cow When Lamb Both were brought to you by the American company A24, known for crossing the line between art house and genre cinema. The ironic view is that what we are seeing here is a form of branding. You can use the mascot to make small titles stand out from the pack.

To put it a little more neutral, one of the things shared by the three very different movies above is that they are actually stories about people. Animals are not characters in the full sense, but entities with rotating plots, well-known in appearance, but beyond our Ken. In other words, it’s amazing.

Lamb It is located on a remote farm in Iceland run by Ingvar (Hillmill Snard Guonason) and Maria (Noomi Rapace). It’s a couple that appears in old stories. Young and old, they look peaceful, but they have no noticeable children.

Perhaps desperate to fill the gap, they hire the title lamb (not a normal lamb), treat her like a human daughter, and give her a crib, name, and Ada.

I say “probably” because this is a movie with a lot of speculation. Dialogues are minimized, especially early on, and conversations that take place, such as unrelated exchanges about time travel, tend to be more mysterious than they reveal.

Still, by the time Petur (Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson), the third human character, appears in the story Lamb We have made a clear turn towards magical realism. This is almost the same as what you can reveal in sequence without spoilers.

Lamb on a remote farm is more than a story of a hairy sheep

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