Kyrgios sends a “reminder to put you in your place” after setting a Tsitsipas tie | Wimbledon 2022

Nick Kyrgios has no idea what he’s trying to get.two days After he struggled past Paul Jubu And spitting in the direction of the fans he said he was abusing him, the Australians produced the perfect performance to advance to the third round. Beater.

Filip Krajinović made it to the finals at the Queen’s Club within two weeks, but the Serbs were blown away by Kyrgios 6-2, 6-3, 6-1 on a full flight, with only 10 50 winners. With a forced error, 24 ace and a staggering serve day, he lost only 9 points. “I just wanted to remind everyone that I was pretty good,” Kyrgios said. “I felt really good from the beginning today. I felt like I was really back from behind the coat. I was just trapped from the beginning today. I do what I really like. I just wanted to prove to the people. Sometimes I feel like I don’t respect them. “

This was Kyrgios at its best and surprised his opponents enjoying the most consistent years of his life. In the first set, the 27-year-old did not lose a point on the serve, did not lose focus, and some of his shotmaking was approaching absurdity. If he played that way in the next round, he would stop a bit, even against someone as good as Stefanos Tsitsipas, the fourth seed.

Kyrgios described what happened to Jab in the first round, and the headline that his actions subsequently caused was that he was fined £ 8,200, which made him even more perform the show. I made up my mind. “I was pretty disappointed with the performance in the first round. And obviously the media contempt and everything, it was a kind of reminder to bring you all back to your place from today’s performance. He was seeded. We played in the finals at Queens, the top 30 in the world. It’s a gentle reminder. “

Kyrgios defeated Tsitsipas 3-0 in a regular ATP tour match against Jordan Thompson of Australia on Thursday, and although the fourth seed looked good, he made it to the semifinals with Stuttgart and Halle. Kyrgios knows that he is in good shape. He also defeated the Greeks. This is a tournament he has prepared better than most other times in his career. “I’m excited,” he said. “We both feel like we’ve got the rights. We’re two of the biggest stars in the sport. Hopefully if we both bring the best tennis, we’ll see it. Will be great. “

Kyrgios has always been a mystery. Sometimes brilliant, moody to others, He was controversial Probably more than any other player in his generation. There were moments when he was wrong and there were many moments when he was wrong. What you see tends to be what you get. Even in his bad moments, he is honest and he never changes. “I feel comfortable with my skin,” he said. “Some people just like to break me. It’s impossible anymore. I just believe in myself and be myself to those who watch this press conference or watch my tennis. I don’t want to be anyone else here. I don’t just say what I was told. “

Kyrgios returns the ball during a one-sided victory. Photo: Glyn Kirk / AFP / Getty Images

Kyrgios could be fined for spitting in the direction of his fans during his first round of investigations underway, but Kyrgios said, “I can’t really care. I did. ” “I know what it brings to the sport. One of the most important people in the sport. Want to talk about it? It’s a fact, so there’s nothing to investigate there. I tell myself I’m very confident. All the challenges I’ve overcome in my life. I’m proud to be here and doing it my way. I can play tennis like that. Wimbledon, It’s a dream that any tennis player will realize. “

Kyrgios was scheduled to play in doubles with Thanasi Kokkinakis, who won the Australian Open title earlier this year, but Kyrgios explained that he wanted to focus entirely on singles, increasing evidence that it meant business here. Balancing showmanship and professionalism has always been tricky, but he knows Wimbledon is the best chance to win a Grand Slam title. “If we could find the tennis a little more often, we would see it,” he said. “If I can keep playing that way, I’m very dangerous.”

Kyrgios sends a “reminder to put you in your place” after setting a Tsitsipas tie | Wimbledon 2022

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