Kraft Heinz Launches New Frozen Vegetarian Snack Series

Kraft Heinz has announced the launch of a new variety of frozen vegetarian snacks in Australia. This allows you to share traditional frozen snacks and side dishes with a modern twist.

The range of new Heinz vegetarian frozen snacks that bring variety to the freezer aisles includes delicious and crispy cauliflower fries, more crispy broccoli florets, and crispy mixed vegetables!

Great to share with your friends in combination with your favorite dip sauce, a delicious new variety of frozen snacks, delicious french fries, broccoli or cauliflower coated with a light batter seasoned, an appetizing combination of cauliflower and potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, Or it features crispy florets of carrots with lightly seasoned broccoli.

Quick and convenient for crispy crunch cooking in the oven or baking in an air fryer – from the freezer to the platter in less than 25 minutes (following the pack instructions).

Kraft Heinz Chief Marketing Officer ANZ Schoenkent said:

“Australia has a growing number of vegetarians, pescetarians and flexitarians, and we are pleased to take advantage of this trend to provide more diversity to our customers in the freezing category.

“As a delicious treat or side, this range is great for sharing with friends and family, especially if you start breaking out of the blockage before the fun season of summer.”

The Heinz Frozen Vegetarian Snacks range is available in five varieties.

  • Heinz cauliflower fry (400g)
  • Heinz broccoli fry (400g)
  • Heinz crispy broccoli florets (350g)
  • Heinz Crisper Cauliflower Floret (350g)
  • Heinz Crispy Mix Vegetable (350g)

“This launch is an exciting step for Heinz in the frozen category, especially the first launch of frozen snacks. I’d love to hear what shoppers think of this range,” Kent said.

The Heinz Frozen Vegetarian Snacks series is sold nationwide at Woolworths and an independent grocery store in Australia.

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Kraft Heinz Launches New Frozen Vegetarian Snack Series

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