Kim Kardashian “blind and hurt” Kanye West

Kim Kardashian remains feeling “blind and hurt” after former Kanye West took Irina Shayk to a “special place” in France.

Yesterday, Kanye West, along with 35-year-old model Irina Shayk, celebrated her 44th birthday in Provence, southern France, leaving her ex-wife Kim Kardashian “blind and hurt” on a “romantic vacation.” I took a picture after I took him away.

They were found Arrived by private jet back to New Jersey after the tripCame later Kim applied for divorce From Kanye During February.

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It confirms that Kanye went with Irina-but 40-year-old Kim remained shocked and hurt by the hookup, especially as it happened with her and her original “special place”. became.

Sources said Sun: “Kim was completely blind to this. It was years when Irina first gathered in France when Kanye and Kim sent a private jet to take her to a fashion show in Paris. Was the same as the one I walked before.

“Everyone thinks it’s a bargain for Kim. It was a special place for Kim and Kanye that took Irina to France. France was the place where they first met and they said,” It’s a place where I fell in love, and I made my first official appearance as a couple and planned a wedding, but at the very end I moved to Italy. “

The insider went on to reveal that Kim wanted Kanye to spend his birthday with the children. North, 7, Holy, 5, Chicago, 3, Psalm, 2.

“You told Kim that he was not free,” they said.

“He informed her that he wasn’t available, which would hurt her now that she knew he was on vacation with Irina.”

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“It’s complicated. Kim was the one who finished the marriage. I think she was waiting for him to date first. It gives her a green light to start meeting people.

“But something like this-taking Irina, who he’s been interested in for a while, to their” special place “-will really hurt. “

Before the photo came to light, Kim shocked the fans when he shared a moving message with her on a special day.Happy birthday, I love U for Life!Not only do you post balloon emojis with Kanye’s childhood photos, but also with family snapshots. “

Insiders believe that now that the truth is revealed, Kim “feels stupid” for his sweet birthday post.

Kanye and Irina knew each other professionally for years, and it previously reported that Kanye began pursuing her romantically “a few weeks ago.”

Another source said at the time: He invited her to France and she was happy to accept it.

“They aren’t officially dating, but they are interested from both sides.”

Irina will be separated from Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper in 2019 and will share her 4-year-old daughter Lee with him.

Meanwhile, Kim confirmed her division from Kanye earlier this year by filing for a divorce following months of speculation.

During a recent episode of her family reality show Keep up with the turmoil of the Kardashian familyThe star shouted about how she “failed” Kanye, claiming that her ex was worthy of a wife who could “support him.”

She sobbed then: “I feel like I love the loser,” I’ve divorced twice before.

Her decision to end the relationship came after a few difficult months of seeing Kanye fight his bipolar disorder. And it saw him rant at Twitter and presidential rallies.

Kanye made a series of harmful allegations against Kim and her family. She wanted to have an abortion for her oldest child. The mother, Kris Jenner, is no longer allowed around her children because her family is “white supremacist.”

This article was originally published Sun And reprinted with permission

Kim Kardashian “blind and hurt” Kanye West

Source link Kim Kardashian “blind and hurt” Kanye West

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