Kelly Parnell: It’s no wonder Queen Elizabeth II needs a rest

Queen Elizabeth II has been ordered by her doctor to rest, but isn’t it really strange that she’s a little tired? Kelly Parnell writes that she is still out, thirty years after the rest of us retired.

She has a better social life than me and is half a century older. It’s no wonder the Queen needs to lie down, she’s ridiculing so much, she’s blinding me from my vantage point on the couch.

You have to love her Madge — this week she declined to accept the award from Ordy magazine because she doesn’t think she’s qualified.

The organizer wanted to honor the monarch on Tuesday, but instead received a letter from Buckingham Palace: We hope to find a recipient that is acceptable and more valuable. “

Unfortunately, her doctor had other thoughts Immediately afterwards, I ordered her to rest for a few days. That is, she missed a trip to Northern Ireland...

“Your Majesty is fine and disappointed that he will not be able to visit Northern Ireland, where he was scheduled to make a series of engagements,” the palace said in a statement Wednesday.

It appeared later She spent the night in the hospital for a “preliminary investigation” before returning to Windsor Castle. Be “energetic” to rest.

It comes behind the queen who is told to give up her daily martini, which looks a bit tough at the age of 95, and begins to use the wand in public. Let’s hope she recovers soon.

But isn’t it really strange that she’s a little tired? She is still out 30 years after the rest of us retired. 30 years!

This month, the Queen will hold parliaments in Scotland and Wales, launch a Commonwealth Games baton relay, go to the Commonwealth 100th Anniversary Service at Westminster Abbey, and a billionaire business leader in Windsor on Tuesday. Participated in multiple events, up to hosting a reception for. Guests included US climate envoy John Kerry, who said she “saw on television doing William’s Earthshot Award.”

It’s more activity than I’ve done in a year-just thinking about it is exhausting. If I had to attend one black tie event, the hard work of having to take a shower, straighten my hair, and take off my shoes would end me.

After a pandemic, doing everything, including looking wise and making wise comments, seems to be the most monumental endeavor. And I behave that way, but I’m not in my 90s.

Indeed, all HRH really wants to do is wear a monogram dressing gown and slippers and look at Coronation Street with Corgi on his lap. You won’t be dressed in a coordinated dress / coat combination or talk about small things. Or is it just me?

Still, she is a living proof that the more you use your brain, the longer you keep your wisdom. This non-elderly person doesn’t need Sudoku, she discusses Alan Turing with Bill Gates.

In fact, VIPs are more fluffy than queens. When George W. Bush mistakenly stated that the Queen visited the White House in 1776 instead of 1976 (I know she reigned in a record-breaking era, but it’s ridiculous), he. Received a withered look accordingly.

“She gave me a look that only the mother could give to the child,” he said.

She is called Madam.

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Kelly Parnell: It’s no wonder Queen Elizabeth II needs a rest

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