Kelly Parnell: Helen Mirren’s outlook on life is exciting

Dame Helen Mirren is 76 years old and is still alive. Kelly Parnell writes that we should all follow her approach to nonsense life.

If you need a little pick-up and no one needs it, try Dame Helen Mirren’s Guide to Life.

try it. The evergreen actor has the ultimate lockdown antidote and is as easy as picking up a skirt and spinning it around.

Helen, 76, has long been a role model with a nonsense approach to life, aging and career. But now we can add a lockdown master to her qualifications after her absolutely fun week.

The rest of us didn’t do anything, OK, we didn’t do anything, but the Fast & Furious star was spending her life in Venice at full throttle.

At the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda Show, she was shipped in a gondola, stunned in a liquid silver gown, dazzling in a giant Renaissance print ball gown, dancing in the rain with Vin Diesel, and how many in the Megan Thee Stallion. I bust the movement.

But my favorite moment was that she wore a black chiffon dress and swirled around with complete joy.

“Thanks to D & G for giving me the moment of Cinderella,” she wrote on Instagram (obviously herself because it was full of vibrancy and typos).

She’s crazy about something-it’s hard to fall down when you’re spinning around like a toddler in a ridiculously cute dress. Even when you’re knocking on the 80, that feeling doesn’t go away.

My 5-year-old kid judges his daily wardrobe requirements by his ability to rotate. If there is no spin, it’s in the bin, even if that means she climbs a tree in a party dress. I can’t think of where she gets it.

I’ve been joking with friends, colleagues and readers for a long time, but my intense dislike of leisurewear and its demonic brother Athleisurewear is used because it’s written. Tin should only be sported if done.

We don’t recommend making people uncomfortable at home, but float fabrics really make you feel happy. You don’t need a reason to wear something nice other than to please yourself. That’s the number one reason for everything.

Helen thinks so too. An actor who once said she loved her said, “I have the opportunity to wear incredibly beautiful clothes. I’m a girl. I love it. I love dressing up.” She also dresses up every day during the blockade. , Admitted that I had a full face make-up.

“I put on my makeup every day,” she told People magazine.

“I felt like I was living my life properly, so it was actually a good experience for me.”

L’Oréal’s face, Helen, knows everything you feel is worth it and has nothing to do with excessive cosmetological treatments. Helen’s approach to aging is compared to her half-aged actor filling up with fillers and having the same Joker smile (and we no longer recognize you). Well, I’m old.

“I’m an old man! And I see it,” she once said.

“And that’s okay. People talk gracefully about aging, and I don’t even know what that means. Obviously, I try to look as beautiful as possible. Of course, I look 20 years younger if possible. I want to, but I don’t, and I never do. I’m not young, no one does. “

That’s right, but whichever way you rotate her, she remains great.

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Kerry Parnell is a feature writer for The Sunday Telegraph. Formerly responsible for lifestyle, he now writes on a wide range of topics, from news stories to fashion and beauty, health, travel, popular culture and celebrities, and weekly opinion columns.

Kelly Parnell: Helen Mirren’s outlook on life is exciting

Source link Kelly Parnell: Helen Mirren’s outlook on life is exciting

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