Kate Middleton’s Broken Heart Revealed in Prince George’s Birthday Photo

Prince George’s sweet birthday photo hides the difficult decisions Kate Middleton has to make about his future.

When it comes to Prince George, no one in the UK T-shirt industry has ever been this young.

Since the succession to the throne was designed to arrive on July 22, 2013, the British press has been camping outside the Lindwing of St Mary’s Hospital for three weeks, but every year his care is taken. The date is recorded. By sharing the boy’s snaps with the world by his devoted mother Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and an avid photographer. And in six of eight years, the young and future commander of the British Army was seen wearing a highly calculated assortment of high street label T-shirts and polo shirts.

Earlier this morning we were treated to the latest iteration of the royal operation: Normal Rad aka Kensington Palace has released this year’s George’s birthday shot. It shows an 8-year-old prince sitting on a Land Rover Defender. I nodded to my great-grandfather, Prince Phillip, who recently died. (While discussing funeral plans, the late royal family reportedly said, “Put me behind Land Rover and take me to Windsor.”)

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At first glance, today’s shots are on par with a perfectly predictable course. There is a personal, heartwarming, and properly idyllic sparkle.

But what makes this image so interesting is not what it shows, but what it means. In short, George reached the same age as his father and uncle Prince Harry were bundled in a boarding school. (Prince Charles)

For the first time, this question was controversial as to whether Cambridge might decide to send his son to school now that he has reached this particular milestone moment.

In the modern royal era of Instagram lovers and Zoom users, it may seem silly for William and Kate to pack a boy to live away from home, but today. (UK) Report Telegraph Adding credibility to the possibilities, he reports that there is a “claim that he will start a new prep school in September.”

(Of course, William and Kate may simply be thinking of sending him to school another day, but the idea of ​​eradicating him from a school where they seem happy is the strangest.)

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For most people, the concept of driving away children borders on cruelty, but for centuries the British upper class have eaten Latin verbs, frigid pre-dawn rugby scrums, and gray meals. I have firmly believed in sending their descendants for an early introduction, overcooked vegetables.

Such thinking may seem horribly archaic today, but the taste of this particular aristocrat remains stronger than ever today. The Ludgrove School, which both William and Harry attended at the age of eight, is still considered the “top choice” according to Tatler’s annual school guide. (Current price: $ 52,600.)

What Cambridge chooses to do with George’s school education is a very daunting question, both in terms of personal meaning and the royal public position.

Both William and Kate started their careers in boarding schools.

According to the royal biographer Penny Junor, he was homesick when the Duke was sent to Ludgrove. Her mother, Diana, Princess Welsh, wrote to him every day and addressed it to “Darling Wombat.” (The future king left a moving message in his tack box. Awww….)

For Kate, her parents boarded her at the exclusive University of Marlboro after being told she was selected at a downhouse school where she was a daygirl. The current fee is $ 70,500 per year. When she arrived there, she said, “It looks like she was being bullied very badly at the previous school, she was certainly very thin and pale. She was almost unconfident.” My classmate said.

Even if both Cambridge accept their year of boarding, are they willing to let their son have a similar experience?

And as a member of a close family, isn’t it too painful for an emotional wrench to get rid of his son?

At the public level, the decision to enroll George in a boarding school can be a daunting move. Reminding Kate of the lack of Zara jackets and H & M T-shirts that stab children will remind us that William and Kate are very wealthy and upper class.

Similarly, they run the risk of alienating and offending the masses, who often see decisions as somewhat barbaric in this era. The final claim to the royal atrocities of the Duke of Sussex and the Duchess of Sussex is to strengthen the perception that they are cold, unpleasant lands.

If William and Kate chose Ludgrove or a similar school, it would only dash once to pretend that he was vaguely raised outside the highest social classes. Not surprisingly, George may know that he’s different from other third graders, but his shunting reminds the world of his class status very visibly. I will. The Duchess and Duchess would want the message to educate their sons with future dukes, counts, and the world’s ultra-rich sons attracted by these types of schools.

In recent years, almost entirely thanks to William and Kate, the monarchy has succeeded in attracting an almost warm and vague shade, a homely and friendly attraction. All of that is at stake here.

It has nothing to do with being able to send my son to a prep school and not be willing to see him for weeks or months at a time, or to spend the costly $ 50,000 economically.

There is also a question for the boy he is boarding. Currently, George and his sister Princess Charlotte are both students of Thomas’s Battersea. Schools are expensive (a little less than $ 36,000 a year), but students are drawn from a reasonably diverse and more social background and are not a bastion of Britishness with a stiff upper lip. The school mascot is a reading unicorn for heaven.

It’s probably a very cold comfort for Kate, as Evelyn Waugh once famously wrote, “Anyone who has attended a public school in the UK will be relatively at home in prison.” (He also called the boarding school “a complete hell of four or five years, in an era when life was supposed to be hell anyway.”)

The school question is just one of the long questions for the Duchess and the Duchess to find an answer when walking the tightrope between protecting his son and the demands of the position in which he was born.

It is said that becoming a mother is the hardest job in the world, but at such times, I think it will be even more difficult to become the mother of a future king.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience in many of Australia’s leading media titles.

Kate Middleton’s Broken Heart Revealed in Prince George’s Birthday Photo

Source link Kate Middleton’s Broken Heart Revealed in Prince George’s Birthday Photo

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