Kate Middleton explains issues of Megan’s royal life in a chat with Rami Malek

In a rare moment with Bond actor, Kate Middleton revealed very much about why Megan might have left the royal life.

Queen Elizabeth did not want to be part of the royal family. She declined the Duke of York’s proposal, Albert II, twice, but accepted the third because she was so modest to get involved in the monarchy.

History remembers her as a tiny, gin-loving, indomitable spirit who famously refused to leave London during the blitz, but what the Queen’s mother understood at the age of 22 and her marriage. The Windsor family is clearly not aware of what other common women on the cliffs of London have understood. Becoming a member of the royal family required relentless self-sacrifice.

“Never be afraid to think, speak and act freely, as I really should,” said Elizabeth, who entered the marriage.

The simple question of how much monarchical membership is deprived of people is as urgent today as it was in 1922, and the royal family is still working on it thanks to her great-granddaughter. Law.

This week, Rami Malek, New Bond movie starI was doing a press round and talked about a very unusual conversation he had Kate, Duchess of Cambridge so BAFTA Awards in early 2019..

“At some point I saw Princess Kate and said,’This must be exhausted,’ and she said,’Why?’ And I said,’You just gave birth to a baby. Isn’t it? ” Marek told TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel.. (Kate gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis, 10 months ago.)

“She was surprised, and she said,’How are you?’ And I said,’How are you?’ And in the most majestic and elegant way she seemed to me. Gave, but you can say. Imagine being dressed in nine, having to talk to all these actors.

“They were very careful, but it was so cool because I think she was struck by a moment and had that look in the most elegant and professional royal way,” yes, there are a lot of kids. ‘”

What makes Marek’s anecdote so clear is that it reveals one of the most basic but almost neglected facts of life as a working HRH-that’s exactly it. .. It’s a job.

For better or for worse, it’s slipping One-shoulder Alexander McQueen ConfectioneryGives a good Duchess to get out there, as Kate did, and regardless of the lack of sleep in having a baby.

All blinks, syllables and cramps are taken in photos and videos by the media and people with smartphones, so you can’t yawn, get bored or lose focus for a moment.

You need seamless and perfect performance. Fuck. time.

Consider this: The royal family does not take days of illness. That is, as far as I know, the working members of the royal family have never shouted for previously announced commitments because they feel in the weather. Canceling things when crowd management barricades rise and local school kids flock to wave the little Union Jack flag is not just an option.

Marek’s story of Kate emphasizes, in retrospect, probably the definitive reason that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was destined to fail in royal attire. While Tiara is fun and waving to the crowd, worshiping the masses from the balcony of Buckingham Palace must be very crazy. Laugh beautifully.

The real thing that Kate and Rami Malek’s moments go home is that if you’re a working member of the royal family, you’re there to work. It’s not about making friends or hugging. If no one is kindly checking in to you, it’s because you expect it to continue. It’s the price you unknowingly agree to pay for all the shiny parts.

And Whitting, Megan, and the Duchess of Sussex were clearly not that much.

Next Wednesday, it’s been two years since the documentary about her and her husband Prince Harry’s tour of Southern Africa aired. Meanwhile, the Duchess said, “Few people have asked if I’m okay … that’s very realistic. Behind the scenes.”

Whether you are stubborn Megan The sacrifice of her tenure as HRH, whether Loyalist or not, was clear enough that she seemed to be on the verge of tears.

“It’s not enough to survive something, isn’t it? It’s not the point of life. You have to prosper, you have to feel happy,” she told interviewer Tom Bradby. Told.

Within months of the special television broadcast, Sussexes bolted the royal enclosure, unleashing the biggest cataclysm in royal history in decades, causing an existential crisis. What did you say about this monarchical paraver as a whole if a successful educated woman couldn’t survive within that range for two years?

The very institution has begun to take on the vampire shade, a beast that demands regular sacrifices to survive. (At least they don’t have to be virgins anymore …)

In retrospect, the tremendous speed at which Harry and Megan’s relationship moved may have been romantic, but what seems clearer is essentially Megan’s commitment to himself. I’m not aware of it. For a constant, generally thankful job that requires a level of self-denial that no one can truly prepare, not just her husband.

A job that means wearing a nice dress when you’re tired and having a little talk with the actor for hours at the monotonous end.

Because all these diamonds, all the nice hats, and all the tiny beliefs are that the working members of the royal family are essentially civil servants.

In return for occupying such a high position and receiving national worship; in return for occupying a completely unattainable position at the top of society and wearing more Gainesborough than the wall, of duty and service You must devote your life to the bipolar star.

And it’s not attractive. It’s a long briefing and immeasurable stretch that tells a small story and shakes hands in the outer range of Wales. And it’s done this over and over again, and no one really praises it for doing the bare minimum of the HRH-dom.

This is far from a new issue for The Firm.

One of the Queen’s mother’s waiting women told biographer Sarah Bradford: They didn’t know what a constitutional monarchy was, either of them … they thought it was an endless giveaway and a romantic prince running around and everyone was cheering. I don’t think they had any clues. “

And of all the post-mortem analysis of the short chimera that was Sussex Royal, it’s probably the best explanation of how the short, wild dream that was Harry and Megan derailed brilliantly. She had no clue.

She simply couldn’t. There are no training manuals, textbooks, or short-term courses in the world where you can buy, browse, or take what is absorbed by the palace ecosystem.

Still, that ignorance, no matter how completely understandable, does not diminish the risk it represents in projects that highlight monarchy.

Earlier this week, Times royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah reported that one of the “really gaining” and “triggers” of Prince William’s uncle was the perception of an “unpleasant and ungrateful” attitude towards the royal position of the Duke of York. bottom.

“Proposals that the institution is not grateful, whatever the senior members of the royal family may make the public think they are not grateful for their position, whatever. [William thinks] It’s really dangerous, “a royal source told Nikka.

No one seemed to have prepared Megan, and what seemed to completely surprise her was not only that she was expected to be martyred to some extent for an institution with a thousand-year history, but so long ago. “Thank you” for being given the opportunity to do so.

Seriously, who wants to work as HRH? (Is this one without a minor now? Well, that’s a completely different story.)

The Queen’s mother once said, “I felt it was my duty to marry Bertie and then fell in love with him.” I think fairy tales can go well. And from time to time, it all comes to collapse, as it did for Megan.

Daniela Elser is a royal expert and writer with over 15 years of experience in many of Australia’s leading media titles.

at first Kate Middleton was “suddenly caught” with actor Rami Malek

Kate Middleton explains issues of Megan’s royal life in a chat with Rami Malek

Source link Kate Middleton explains issues of Megan’s royal life in a chat with Rami Malek

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