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Kanye West threatens college dropout burger with legal action

The owner of the hamburger shop, at the heart of Kanye West’s legal threat, revealed that he had no resentment and that the rapper effectively saved his life.

A Victorian man legally threatened by Kanye West for running a hamburger shop in the honor of a rapper, society continues to appreciate “Ye” and artists save his life effectively. I hope to clarify that.

West threatened to take sensational legal action against a hamburger shop called The College Dropout, named after the rapper’s debut title.

At the hamburger shop in Ivanhoe, on the outskirts of Melbourne, there was a hamburger named after the song of the West, with a mural of a rapper at the entrance.

West has taken legal action against owner Mark Elkhouri because he has been following hamburger shops on Instagram for months.

Elkhouri intended only to honor West using his material, assuming that Instagram follow-up was just a sign of gratitude, but the hamburger author soon said. I was soaking in hot water with West’s legal team.

Elkholi, who dropped out of college, retained the store’s name and branded the hamburger after other well-known college dropouts such as Quentin Tarantino, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. change.

But he resisted doubting his loyalty to the West, remained a loyal fan, how the rapper helped save his life, and in a society of increasing mental health problems. Opened the door to NCA NewsWire about his important position.

“I wanted to push this story out there about how important Kanye West is to society,” Elkouri explained.

“We need it more than ever with mental health issues, and Kanye talks about his own mental health there.

“I myself suffered from depression many years ago, so there is a way to say that Kanye actually saved my life.

“I hope people go to see his music catalog. Look again, check again and try the same inspirations I see. Maybe it’s for them. May work. “

Ironically, West has been hit by his own legal problems due to his recent lack of permission, and the 45-year-old was accused of sampling the 1980s dance hit “Move Your Body” without permission.

Elkhouri has no plans to hold a grudge against the rapper, despite being forced to pivot his business.

When asked if naming a burger after West’s rap rival Drake would be a good answer, store owners strengthened their loyalty to the latter.

“I would have to say what this is, and go ahead and move forward,” he said.

“I was on Kanye’s side all the time when Kanye and Drake were strengthening. I told all the staff to refuse to play Drake’s songs throughout the process.

“I’m a true Kanye fan. If you know Kanie fans, we’re very ridiculous and loyal in some respects.

“If Kanye West is divorced from Kim Kardashian, so are we.

“I don’t thank those who are talking negatively about Kanye West.”

“Zinger sin Paris,” “Gold Digger,” and “Heartless” were some of the burgers that paid homage to the West.

Ironically, The College Dropout came from a college where Elk Hori started making burgers at dessert shops.

After gaining popularity, he decided to expand his business, focus on burgers and create a better restaurant for fast food restaurants.

The reconsideration enforced by West’s legal demands may also prove a disguised blessing, along with Mr. Elkouri, who had the opportunity to appeal to a larger audience by admitting other famous dropouts.

“Currently, the brand is changing in several ways to celebrate these particular person. To be honest, this is what I have for a larger audience, as not everyone is a fan of Kanye West. I think it may be a blessing of disguise that can appeal to you.

“For those involved in technology, we have Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

“Women are now more and more present. There are hamburgers named after Marilyn Monroe, the people involved in the film, Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt.

“We are forced to extend the idea that it is creative.”

at first “Kanye West actually saved my life”: Why hamburger shop owners move on

Kanye West threatens college dropout burger with legal action

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