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Kante transforms undefeated Chelsea in the second half of Tottenham | Premier League

The story seemed to demand decisive intervention from Harry Kane or Romelu Lukaku on the day British football lost the great Jimmy Greaves. Instead, Thomas Tuchel’s intellect was everything. Thomas Tuchel once again showed off his tactical chops by moving the game away from Tottenham in half-time.Introducing Engoro Cante pushed by Mason Mount Chelsea To another overwhelming victory.

Chelsea, who was sloppy and vulnerable during the first half of the test, transformed when Kante entered the battle. Tottenham, an early decline in adrenaline, overrun. Chelsea were at their disposal, and Lukaku managed to stay on top of Manchester United and Liverpool with goals from Chiago Silva, Kante and Antonio Rudiger. Premier League..

Tuchel took control again, while fine-tuning Nuno Espirito Santo. The Spurs were playing well up to that point, threatening to end Chelsea’s undefeated run, but surpassed the class in the second half. Kane, who was denied a move to Manchester City, simply looked sad and irrelevant in the Spurs attack.

Prior to the game, there was a bitter tribute to Greaves, who scored 132 goals for Chelsea and 266 goals for the Spurs, representing both teams in such a distinction. It was a day to respect the history of football. Spurs heroes such as Glenn Hoddle, Osvaldo Ardiles, Martin Chivers, Steve Perryman and Ledley King stood beside the pitch with spectacular applause, and for a while fans of both clubs united and nostalgia. Filled with air. By a soccer player who was ahead of his time in the glitz of his 60s

Greaves would have liked to play this game. In fact, he probably finished some of the openings created by both sides during the enthusiastic opening period. The atmosphere was electrical and there was no sign that the Spurs were holding back the European champions and repeatedly testing Chelsea’s stingy defenses.

Tuchel didn’t jump up and down the touchline for a long time. Too deep, Chelsea made many errors in their distribution early on. Kepa Arrizabalaga looks sensitive with the ball at his feet in place of the injured Edouard Mendy’s goal, and when Rudiger makes an early mistake, home fans bark and miscontrol the pass. I lost the ball.

Players and spectators pay tribute to former Tottenham and Chelsea striker Jimmy Greaves before the match. Photo: Tom Jenkins / Guardian

Boosted by the return of Cristian Romero and Giovani Henrso from the quarantine spell, the Spurs had an intriguing and fluid attack system. Son Heung-min lined up in the middle, Kane pulled to the left to throw Tuchel’s defender, Giovani Lo Serso made a plan, and Chelsea seemed confused by Nuno’s approach, giving him more chances than usual. rice field.

Chelsea was under pressure from the beginning. Andreas Christensen cleared from Kane in a 6-yard box. Sergio Reguilon soared from the back left, but fluffed the cross. Chelsea were sometimes cut open, Giorginho and Mateo Kovacic were out of control in the middle, and they were lucky enough to escape when Rosellso played for Son.

Nevertheless, Chelsea had a menacing moment with Kai Havertz. Havertz carried the ball very gracefully on the pitch, and the Spurs were grateful when the Germans spurred two fascinating opportunities, taking the first chance and then creating the second air shot.

Chelsea, struggling to get Lukaku involved, had to pay more attention in the last third. At one point, Mason Mount, who was reluctant recently, skipped the middle with his left and right options after Eric Dier exposed his fellow centre-back Romero in a reckless rush. Chelsea are alive at these moments when they attack after seducing their opponents, but Mount is unable to harness his capital and his poor path to Lukaku infuriates Tuchel.

It wasn’t surprising to see the mount removed in half the time. Seeing the Spurs win the loose ball, Tuchel took the initiative during the break and instantly changed the mood by strengthening the midfield with singing.

Few teams can boast of such enormous strength. However, few managers know how to use it so effectively. The Spurs no longer looked comfortable in defense as the singing snapped on the heel. The Spurs escaped as Giorginho and Kovacic began to decide the flow, and Marcos Alonso sprinted behind Emerson Royal on the left, pulling a sharp save from Hugo Lloris in a spectacular volley.

The Spurs retreated, and a breakthrough came in the 4th minute of the second half. Silva fired a free run and rushed into Alonso’s corner, dodging Hugo Lloris. The gloomy Dele Alli was no match for Silva, who had a calm influence behind Chelsea, and the Spurs soon reaffirmed and officially collapsed.

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This time, Lo Serso inadvertently wasted his property and made a mistake. Kovacic quietly played the ball into a cante with space to shoot from 25 yards. A big bias from Dier stuck Loris, and the main question for the rest of the game was whether Chelsea’s replacement Timo Werner could miss many opportunities.

Based on this evidence, Werner can do this by looking at some of the old clips of Greaves. But for all his mistakes, the striker came up with an assist for Rudiger to calm down and score in the extra time. Chelsea was completely rampant.

Kante transforms undefeated Chelsea in the second half of Tottenham | Premier League

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