Juliet Haslam has been appointed head of AFLW, Olympics, hockey and gold medals in Port Adelaide

Port Adelaide has signed two Olympic gold medalists, with Juliet Haslam joining the club as the first representative of AFLW to lead the women’s football program.

Tuesday’s Power confirmed Haslam was the first official AFLW appointment, with former Hockey Lou overseeing the club’s AFLW football operations, culture, coaching appointments, list management and high performance.

Earlier this year, AFL announced Port Adelaide, Sydney, Hawthorne and Essendon. Join AFLW for the 2022-2023 season To make it a competition for 18 teams.

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Matthew Richardson, CEO of Port Adelaide, labels Haslam’s appointment as a “significant moment” and brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience to elite women’s sports, both as a player and as a manager. I added that it would be.

Haslam was “one of the most decorated athletes in South Australia,” Richardson said.

“Great women are always at the forefront of our club, and Juliet continues this legacy,” said Richardson.

“Juliet’s experience with world-class elite athletes in a variety of sports gives the AFLW program a unique perspective and understanding.

Juliet Haslam, a former SA Olympic hockey player.Photo: Sarah ReedSource: News Corp Australia

“She also has a good understanding of the sports business, not only because she has built a successful program in the field, but also because she has set out to ensure successful integration of the club in various commercial areas. , Very valuable.

“Juliet is a great person and has great leadership qualities and values ​​that are consistent with our club. I couldn’t think of any more to lead the AFLW program here in Port Adelaide.”

Haslam said it was a great honor.

“I’ve been watching the AFLW contest for the last five years, and it’s very exciting to be able to take this opportunity to help build a successful program for my club,” she said. ..

Juliet Haslam of the Olympic Games. Photo: Minnie Goboros.Source: Provided

“I’m excited about the club’s bold vision, including the transformation of the Alberton Oval district and the important role AFLW will play in the formation of the future Port Adelaide Football Club.

“Our female athletes enjoy world-class training facilities and Alberton transforms into AFLW’s national broadcast venue. Offering the next generation of young girls and women a way to represent Port Adelaide on a national stage. It’s exciting to do.

“My history at the club brings great memories, but it’s the future of the club that I’m most excited about AFLW being an important part of it.”

Haslam will begin her role in mid-December.

Juliet Haslam has been appointed head of AFLW, Olympics, hockey and gold medals in Port Adelaide

Source link Juliet Haslam has been appointed head of AFLW, Olympics, hockey and gold medals in Port Adelaide

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