Judge considers Djokovic’s full court call

Federal courts are considering whether Novak Djokovic’s second visa issuance with the Australian Government will be heard by a single judge or full bench.

There were no signs of a Serbian tennis star during the procedural inquiry on Saturday in the Australian Federal Court prior to the further inquiry on Sunday.

Djokovic, 34, was scheduled to meet with Immigration officials in a private location in Melbourne at 8 am on Saturday before his detention.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke exercised his discretion just before 6 pm on Friday to cancel the world’s best visa, taking into account evidence from Djokovic’s lawyers and advice from federal agencies.

Judge David O’Callahan confirmed the transfer of the case from the Federal Circuit and the timing of the submission of important documents, including the detailed reasons for Mr. Hawk’s decision.

They will be released on Saturday, and Djokovic agrees that they can be released before they are “read” in court.

At a hearing on Friday night, Djokovic’s legal representative, Nick Wood SC, said Djokovic would “stimulate anti-vax emotions” if Djokovic was allowed to stay in Australia and play at the Australian Open. He said it was based on concerns.

Mr Wood said the minister was “obviously unreasonable” in that driving tennis stars out of the country did not consider stimulating the same opposition to vaccination.

In addition, Judge O’Callahan raised the possibility of convening a full court of three judges scheduled for 9:30 AM AEDT instead of one for Sunday’s hearing. ..

Djokovic’s representative Paul Holdenson QC said his team would support the case being dealt with in court.

“Three judges are appropriate,” he said.

However, Stephen Lloyd SC, who represents Mr. Hawk, said the federal government opposed and would limit the rights of both parties to appeal.

“Refending the matter to court would remove any party’s right to appeal,” he said.

The decision on whether to sit on the full court is expected later in the day.

Judge considers Djokovic’s full court call

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