Judge apologizes to jury trial at Guy Sebastian’s former manager Titus Day’s trial

A judge in the trial of Guy Sebastian’s former manager apologized to the jury after the “problem” led to less than 90 minutes of evidence submitted Thursday.

The acquittal admitted that he would not plead guilty to the singer’s alleged royalty, performance, and ambassador fees of about $ 900,000 for fraudulent use.

Camera iconGuy Sebastian has finished submitting evidence this week. NCA Newswire / Gaye Gerard credit: News Corp Australia

The trial star witness, Sebastian, finished submitting evidence on Tuesday after seven days of cross-examination.

His former bookkeeper, Dokas Kemp, began testifying on Wednesday, but before she returned at noon on Thursday, the jury had Mr. Day’s barrister and prosecutor David Motors SC on legal issues. While dealing with it, I was trapped in a room and spent the morning.

When the jury was allowed to enter court, Judge Tim Garterman said he was “extremely aware” of how frustrating the situation was.

“There was a problem that the parties needed to investigate before the evidence continued,” he explained.

“I hope you can accept that I have returned to you as soon as we can actually keep the evidence.

“The problem hasn’t been completely resolved. I don’t think we can go any further today while further investigations and investigations are being conducted before the day is balanced.”

Downing Center
Camera iconTitus Day denied cheating and claimed that Guy Sebastian owe him money.Richard Dobson credit: News Corp Australia

Kemp returned to the Witness Box to answer questions from Motors regarding a series of email exchanges and financial transactions.

She has repeatedly tried to get expense information from Mr. Day in court, but the costs associated with nearly $ 500,000 of work Sebastian has secured to perform at four Taylor Swift concerts. Said that was not provided.

It is alleged that part of the amount that Day was accused of spending was cash paid to Sebastian from Taylor Swift’s work.

When Mr. Day was asked to provide details to Mr. Kemp and his colleagues, the court said, “Please let me know that I am working on this task … it will take some time. It will be completed as soon as possible. I heard that I wrote it by e-mail. ..

Titus Day and Guy Sebastian
Camera iconTitus Day and Guy Sebastian in a happier era. credit: News Corp Australia

During Kemp’s testimony, Sebastian’s new manager, Jennifer Fontaine, briefly appeared on the court screen.

Judge Gartelman temporarily suspended the proceedings while Ms. Fontaine turned off the camera and continued to watch the proceedings from a distance.

After a while, Mr Motors said he couldn’t continue to seek evidence and the trial was cancelled.

Judge Gartelman told the jury that what he saw in court was only “the tip of the iceberg” when it came to the work involved in conducting the trial.

“I apologize again for being late … despite the best efforts of the parties, it is sometimes unavoidable,” he said.

The latest delay will occur after the first judge has been appointed chair of the trial. Judge Peter Zahra SCHe died a few days after the trial began.

Camera iconThe funeral of Judge Peter Zahra SC took place at St Mary’s Cathedral. NCA NewsWire / Jeremy Piper credit: News Corp Australia

Sebastian also caught Covid-19 and was unable to provide evidence for seven days.

After Judge Gertleman took over, the ambulance was called to the Downing Center in Sydney, where the trial is taking place, as the jury suffered from a suspected allergic reaction to food.

Motors was later infected with the virus and was forced to emerge from quarantine in Melbourne.

The trial will resume on Friday.

Judge apologizes to jury trial at Guy Sebastian’s former manager Titus Day’s trial

Source link Judge apologizes to jury trial at Guy Sebastian’s former manager Titus Day’s trial

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