Josh Giddey, Oklahoma City Thunder, Andrew Bogut, Situation, Worst Team, Ben Simmons Philadelphia 76ers saga,

In two-thirds of the first month of the NBA season, Australian stars delivered the two biggest stories of the season so far.

At one end of the spectrum is Josh Giddey, the sixth draft topic that illuminated the floor of Oklahoma City Thunder, which is widely regarded as one of the worst teams in the league.

The other is Ben Simmons Many years of story When three All-Stars try to force his way out of Philadelphia I already had a fan, Legend And experts oppose the age of 25.

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Wednesday, November 10

Wednesday, November 10

When Simmons landed in Philadelphia as the final piece of the “process,” the pair arrived in very different situations, with very different paths to the NBA.

However, reports from the beginning of the season revealed one of the major reasons Simmons struggled as one of the NBA’s strongest teams and one of the big stars.

It came from the ESPN report via Ramona Shelburne on the eve of the season when she revealed why Simmons didn’t want to return to Philadelphia.

It was a meeting with 76ers bosses, including coach Dock Rivers, basketball operations president Daryl Morey, and general manager Elton Brand, and Power Broker told him he wanted to get him back.

But instead of sticking to comments from Joel Embiid and Dock Rivers after their defeat in Round 7 last year, and their strong ties to the deal with James Harden. He prepared to pack his bag for Houston, Reportedly, Simmons had another reason.

“In his first three years in the league, the Sixers put a very bright spotlight on them and succeeded very early, he told them, he was given another top draft topic mistake. I didn’t think I could commit. ” “His growing pain was too open and consequential.

“He said he had to start over in a place where he could make a mistake. “

Billionaire problem. Photo courtesy of Christian Petersen / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / AFPSource: AFP

I don’t want to take Simmons Jump shot Despite being an elite passerby, it is a constant story during his career, One of the best defenders in the game..

And it’s like a trap that Guidy might avoid.

But Guidi Growing up as a newcomer candidate this year Already, former draft No. 1 Andrew Bogut told SEN Wednesday morning that Guidy would only benefit from being on one of the NBA’s worst teams. far.

“He’s doing really well,” Bogut said at the SEN breakfast.

“They aren’t going to win many games this season, but culturally and what they’re building, he’s in a really good place.

“It sounds bad, but the fact that they lose the game isn’t the most important thing. He’s ups and downs, regardless of the outcome, as he’s not expected to win more than 20 games this season. Will be able to overcome.

“He can play a bad game for a week or two where he can’t take a shot, and then play a game that he’s playing really well.

“He’s been really, really good so far.”

OKC is currently undergoing its own “process”, spending the least on salaries in the NBA and accumulating draft topics.

Josh Giddey was impressed with starting his career in the NBA.Photo by Ned Dishman / NBAE via Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images

And he believes Bogut will benefit from arriving at the NBA via the Australian system and the NBL because Bogut doesn’t have to be a superstar and knows how to play a role in the team. Implies that he is only a positive Guidy.

“I think they’ll flip some draft topics next year or two and some star players will group with those young guys.

“But they can put the whole team together and actually add another piece. They are in a really good position and make themselves in a place where they can splash some cash in the future. I did.

“I like their team. I think they come faster than people think.

“I think Josh Giddey’s third year will be a battle for playoff spots, not this season, and probably not next season.”

It’s very different from what Simmons faces when he arrives in Philadelphia.

For years, the enthusiastic fan base had to endure the season of defeat as the organization chose tanks and reconstruction on the top draft topic.

The whole saga Known by the phrase “trust the process”, Joel Embead in the 2014 draft, and a telephone card for fans to hold in the dire season until Simmons landed in the 2016 draft.

76ers training Ben Simmons.Source: Provided

And he was in the limelight in 2017-18 as the 76ers played off for the first time in five years after Simmons swept the first season due to a leg injury.

However, despite having a good seed in the last four playoff series, Side was unable to pass the semifinals of the Eastern Conference. Includes Simmons’ Round 7 surrender last season..

The results are seen as a disappointment, especially for the fan base. Passionate like Philadelphia..

Hopefully Guidy can continue to improve and take the game to the next level so that when they turn him on, they’re ready for a bright light.

Josh Giddey, Oklahoma City Thunder, Andrew Bogut, Situation, Worst Team, Ben Simmons Philadelphia 76ers saga,

Source link Josh Giddey, Oklahoma City Thunder, Andrew Bogut, Situation, Worst Team, Ben Simmons Philadelphia 76ers saga,

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