John Barillaro’s New York job was put ‘on a different path’ than others

A senior New South Wales government official told investigators that the New York-based trading job given to John Barillaro was “slightly rerouted” to a similar role. rice field.

Investments NSW CEO Amy Brown is being questioned for the second time in a parliamentary inquiry into appointing the former Deputy Prime Minister as the state’s Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for the Americas.

Brown told the inquiry this morning that he met with former trade secretary Stuart Ayers on Oct. 12 last year.

The question was set out in an email sent by one of Mr. Brown’s staff shortly after that meeting, which included the line, “The minister wants the New York post to be vacant for now.” rice field.

Former Deputy Prime Minister John Barillaro is expected to present evidence at hearings next week.(AAP: Joel Caret)

However, Brown said he did not actually open the post due to a variety of factors, including tax hurdles and “severe performance issues” with Jenny West, who was the first to successfully apply for the position. She told the investigation that it was her decision to stay.

“I didn’t go into specific detail about some of the performance issues I was beginning to notice with Ms. West,” she told the survey.

“At that point, she was on extended leave, so they were reporting directly to me, so it was more of a conversation than I was having with her team.

“I said, ‘Do you think that recruitment process should be kept closed and reopened at another time, given the fact that we cannot offer jobs to anyone for a while? ?”

She told the inquiry that Ayers agreed.

“Thus, my conversation with Minister Ayers influenced my decision to some extent, but in my view it did not amount to undue influence, because decisions are always mine and final. Because I felt that it belonged to me,” she said.

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Ms. Brown was asked to provide direct evidence this morning. (ABC News)

Labor MLC’s Daniel Mookhey asked Ms. Brown if this meant that the Americas’ position would be placed “slightly different” from other similar roles around the world, to which she replied, “Yes. ‘ he replied.

“I think it was practical advice from me to not be able to play the part for a while. His response was, ‘Then it makes sense to keep the seat vacant.’ It was something,” she told the inquiry.

“Given all that has happened, we both conclude that it would be wise to return to the market when we are ready to put the deal on the table and have a grasp of where things are. I think.”

Ayers claims he did nothing wrong throughout the process. resigned this morning from the New South Wales Department after weeks of headlines related to Mr Barillaro’s appointment.

Mr. Barillaro’s appointment was under the microscope for weeks, of Subject to two separate queries.

He has since exited the $500,000 annual salary position.

Barillaro is scheduled to appear before the investigation on Monday.

Prime Minister Dominique Perrotet has also ordered another review of the recruitment process for this position.

John Barillaro’s New York job was put ‘on a different path’ than others

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