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John Barillaro temporarily blocked $ 500,000 annual taxpayer-funded work in the United States

Former Deputy Premier of New South Wales, John Barilaro, was temporarily blocked from getting taxpayer-funded jobs in New York City.
Last week, the government announced that Mr. Barillaro had been appointed as Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for the states of the Americas. This is one of the six roles created by former Kuomintang leaders during the Minister of Trade.

Workers accused the government of giving “work for spouses” beyond the $ 500,000 appointment and began an investigation into the House of Councilors to investigate the process.

Workers motioned in parliament on Wednesday to suspend appointments until the investigation was completed and the results were reported.
Motion passed 20 to 18.

Barillaro was expected to move to New York City within a few months.

New South Wales Government Refuses Accusation of “Captain’s Pick”

The move was supported by the Greens and independent MP Justinfield and opposed by the government and One Nation.
The House of Councilors deputy leader Sarah Mitchell opposed the move.

“The government refuses as strongly as possible that Mr. Barillaro’s appointment was a” captain’s choice “or a one-sided decision by the Prime Minister or other ministers of the government, as quoted in the press. I’m doing it, “she said.

NSW Premier Dominique Perotet. sauce: AAP

Labor criticized that the appointment process should have been approved by the Cabinet.

A parliamentary investigation investigates whether a transaction has taken place and scrutinizes the work the hiring company has done to fulfill its role. Mr. Barillaro may be called in to submit evidence.
Earlier, Prime Minister Dominique Perotet said Mr. Barillaro was appointed to that role through an “independent process.”

The prime minister said during the hiring process that began in March last year, he was told that no one felt fit for the role.

“The ministry has established a second appointment process, which is an independent process and has recommended the former Deputy Prime Minister as a preferred candidate,” Perotet told reporters Wednesday.

The Prime Minister also said he had talked with Investment Minister Stuart Ayers on Wednesday “to get more information on the background and timeline on these issues.”

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According to the document, four were considering New York-based roles during the recruitment process before they were selected as finalists.
One applicant, Jenny West, was told by then-Prime Minister Gladys Berejikrian that she had a job in August, the Guardian reported Wednesday.
She was later told that the offer was canceled and a significant settlement was paid, it said.
Barillaro resigned from parliament the month after Beregikrian’s resignation.

Mr. Perotet claims that Mr. West was given that role, but said he “clarified it.”

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He denied reports that Mr. Barillaro’s appointment was a “captain’s choice.”
“That’s not true,” the Prime Minister said.
“These were decisions on public services through an independent process.
“I haven’t received any information that there was any challenge here. There were issues with the hiring process, panel nominations, and the appointment of Mr. Barillaro to that role by a civil servant.”

The prime minister had previously told ABC Radio that he would “take action” if “there was no good reason” behind the decision to appoint Mr. Barillaro.

John Barillaro temporarily blocked $ 500,000 annual taxpayer-funded work in the United States

Source link John Barillaro temporarily blocked $ 500,000 annual taxpayer-funded work in the United States

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