Jimmy and Holly set out on their honeymoon

Bachelor’s degrees Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston not only moved together after finding love on a reality show, but also celebrated another milestone, the honeymoon.

in the meantime Bachelor’s degree The franchise may have had a hard time in the rating department this year. The romance between Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston was a huge success.

Things must work because the beloved couple isn’t wasting time traveling together in the wake of a reality show, and the pair reveals exclusively. Friday stellaTheir trip to Mudgee for Nicholson’s birthday last weekend has also doubled as a honeymoon.

“Surprise! Kingston adds:” We are not married … “” Not yet … “Nicholson states. So what exactly did the couple do in the wine area?

“We are shooting a new series called 100 honeymoon“Nicholson explains. “The premise is that we two will try different types of honeymoon destinations in Australia and around the world. Next is a trip to Fiji.”

Kingston and Jetstar pilot Nicholson, with a background in lifestyle journalism and marketing, combined their professional experience with their love of travel to come up with the concept.

And the couple’s manager, Benji Hart, says the idea has been well received. “We had a lot of interest. The first six episodes will be available online,” Hart reveals. “But look at this space …”

The couple haven’t walked down the aisle yet, but they say their relationship is heading in that direction, and when they are NS Tying a knot, they have already chosen their true honeymoon destination. “Italy,” they say all at once.

Nicholson adds: “What led to the idea for the show was actually talking about our dream honeymoon destination.”

Prior to Madge’s weekend, the former bachelor’s degree took Kingston to his family’s Palm Beach home on Northern Beach, where his parents Noel, Susan, and members had a big hit when they appeared on a date show. I had a celebration. Of his extended family.

“It’s not natural because I met his mom and dad on national television,” she recalls. “And the night I met Jimmy’s sister [Tahnee] My cousin Melissa definitely didn’t work. But now it’s great. They welcomed me to my family. ”

And when Nicholson’s dad met at Alice Springs, he first chose the runner-up Brook Claire as his number one choice, all of which was water under the bridge.

In fact, Noel says Friday stella The latest addition to his family was contacted in text before the weekend and called him her “second father.”

“Holly is a very nice girl and she’s a perfect fit for our family,” he adds. In addition to honeymoon-style holidays, the couple has also hit Sydney’s social scene, starring on the red carpet at movie premieres and events.

Before Kingston said, the pair laughed when asked how they adapted to fame: “We were arguably the least famous people at James Bond’s premiere,” Nicholson agrees. To do.

“We are always surprised when someone comes to us,” he explains.

“We were out in the pub a few days ago, but a young man appeared and said he wanted a photo with us. He thought it was a joke! But the people were really kind. . “

Jimmy and Holly set out on their honeymoon

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