Jill’s jacket gets a warmer reception than Melania’s hoodie

The First Lady said in one word when she contacted her husband, President Joe Biden, in the United Kingdom prior to the G7 Summit.

Dr. Jill Biden wore a black jacket with the word “love” when he met British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie on Thursday (local time).

“We bring love from America,” said Dr. Biden.

“This is a global conference and we aim to bring unity around the world. After this year’s pandemic, we now need people to feel unity and hope from all nations. I think.”

Dr. Biden wore the same jacket at the beginning of her husband’s presidential campaign more than two years ago.

The First Lady’s glittering message of unity was quickly compared to a tailoring statement by her predecessor Melania Trump in 2018, and some even claimed it was a deliberate excavation.

So Reported by New Daily At the timeMs. Trump wore a $ 52 cargo green hoodie from Zara. Traveling to the Texas Detention Center for Immigrant Children.

She was reportedly undressed while meeting the imprisoned children, but her photographs scribbled when she embarked on Washington and returned from Washington made the media enthusiastic.

Melania wore this infamous Zara jacket on a trip to visit her children in a detention camp. Photo: Twitter

The move caused intense scrutiny, and was exacerbated by what then-President Donald Trump described as a message directed to “fake news media.”

In response to the backlash, Mr. Trump’s communications director Stephanie Grisham swiftly slapped the president’s explanation, convinced that the jacket had “no hidden message.”

Dr. Biden, on the other hand, tends to accept wardrobes with direct messages.

She used to wear black skinny jeans with the word “vote” on each leg on the campaign trail.

Although the G7 is known as a conference of world leaders, the Group of Seven Summit also includes obligations for partners of these very important people.

According to the thread Tweet From Dr. Biden’s Communications Director, Elizabeth Alexander, she has a complete schedule and has ample opportunity to spread its “love from America.”

The First Lady participates in a series of G7 spouse activities. She had already had a cup of tea with the Prime Minister’s wife, strolled along the beach, and addressed the family of military veterans.

She said the “exciting part of the visit” would take place on Sunday when Bydens would meet Her Majesty at Windsor Castle.

Mr. Biden too Impress During his first overseas trip as president.

Dr. Biden proudly told reporters Thursday that foreign policy was her husband’s “good” and he “studied for weeks.”

Johnson describes him as “a breath of fresh air” and seems to have been successful so far.

Mr Biden is also expected to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin abroad.

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Jill’s jacket gets a warmer reception than Melania’s hoodie

Source link Jill’s jacket gets a warmer reception than Melania’s hoodie

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