Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck don’t last long, says first husband Ojani Noa

Bennifer 2.0 is destined to divorce, said Jennifer Lopez’s first husband.

Ojani Noa, 48, claims that his ex-wife “loves to fall in love”, but his passion for marriage has diminished and he has lost interest. Daily mailreport.

Noah, who met J-Lo at a Cuban refugee waiting table in Miami, has been unobtrusive since the one-year union with Jenny from the Block broke up in 1998. New York Post..

He told the outlet that her recent marriage to Ben Affleck had regained a rush of old memories.

“Ben is the fourth husband. I was my husband’s number one, and she told me that I was the love of her life. We lay in bed on the wedding night When she said, she said we would be together forever, “he said.

Lopez (53) has been engaged six times in addition to being married four times, two of which Good will hunting The actor is about 20 years away.

At the age of 15, Noah fled Cuba on an inflatable boat and survived a 150km journey to the United States. By the age of 22, he found a dishwashing job at Gloria Estefan’s Ocean Drive Restaurant Lario’s on the Beach.

“Miami was bustling. I did modeling. I hustle. I wanted an American dream, but I found it when Jen stepped into Lario’s dream,” he said. It is said that he said it.

“I didn’t know who she was. Our eyes glanced at each other, and I thought she was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

The next night, Lopez reportedly returned to the bar, and after Noah said it was “delicious,” he offered another customer’s french fries.

“I was hooked. She wore a white top and trousers, and I remember she thought she had the best body I’ve ever seen. Later told me she knew she would marry me the first night, “Noah reportedly remembered.

Later that night, according to Noah, the duo had a party at a club called the Commune.

“When we got to the club, my friend Leo took Jen to the dance floor, and I thought,’Oh, you’re a lucky guy.’ Then (her friend) said, “When they come back, take Jen there. She’s interested in you.”

“They come back, I take her hand and take her to the floor, and a slow song begins. It was electricity. She quivered,” You make me nervous. “.

“We were both able to feel the romantic energy. It was instant and intense. As it was soaring through our bodies. I said,” I feel you. I feel like I’m doing it. “I lifted her chin and kissed her – it was a kiss as we knew each other eternally. “

While the two were kissing good night, a passerby shouted, “Oh, that’s Jennifer Lopez from the Money Train.” Noah remembered. “At that time, I realized that she might have been someone.”

“The next morning, the pager rings. Jen had to meet me before boarding the plane. When the door opens and I open the door, she falls into my arms. We Kissed, and when she ran away in her limousine, she looked back like a movie, and I thought, “This is it. This is crazy,” Noah said. .. Post..

While Lopez was in Los Angeles, Noah frequently spoke to her from the restaurant’s pay phone. Post..When she returned to Florida, the actor invited him to her date Blood and wine Premiere.

“I rented a cheap suit. We arrived at the red carpet, all these flashing lights and fans were screaming. I felt sick. I held her hand and walked on the carpet. , Standing sideways while she was interviewing.

“I heard her say,’Jack, I want you to meet my date, Ojani.’ I turned around and she introduced me to Jack Nicholson, and she said,” This is Michael “-and it was Michael Caine. I felt like I was in a movie. A few years ago, I was riding a sea dinghy fleeing Fidel Castro, but now I’m on the red carpet. Michael Caine was lovely. He said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.”

After the premiere, the couple completed their relationship, Noah told the outlet.

“It was the first time we fell in love. It was perfect. She was perfect. Then we lay there and she said. I love you.’Like Cinderella. I felt it. “

Noah said he believed the relationship was successful because she wasn’t impressed by her celebrity.

“She is a traditional girl. She comes from a humble Puerto Rican family. She wanted someone to protect her and someone to stand up for her. According to the article, we Fell in love completely, “he said.

“I quit my job and moved to LA. We lived in a nice apartment. But soon we moved to our first home, and then the home continued to grow. She loved me being a Cuban Barcelos. I didn’t want her anything. I always worked and had my own money, “he said with Bronx Native. Talked about his life.

“She Serena.. We went to San Antonio, Texas for a shoot and returned to the hotel every night. She fell in my anxious arms. She didn’t think she was enough. At midnight she burst into tears. I comforted her and said she was awesome, she was killing it.

“She loves shopping and went to the local shopping street when she wasn’t filming. One day we went to a jewelry store and she started looking at the rings. She pointed to one. , “I love it,” he said.

“She left and I pretended I needed to go to the bathroom. I sneaked into the store and told the girl to put it on one side. I had her save money. I personally I worked as a trainer, but I also had some modeling money. The ring was US $ 15,000 (A $ 21,400) and I was lucky at the time. I hid the ring in a plastic bag behind the sink. “

According to the report, Noah proposed to Lopez at the acclaimed movie rap party.

“Everyone was cheering. I knelt down and gave her a ring. She was crying and laughing and said,” Yes! “,” He reportedly remembered.

According to the article, tensions increased when Lopez’s mother accused her of deciding to marry in Florida instead of Bronx.

“Jen was always in tears. Her mom was calling her and yelling at her trying to change the venue. So I called (Jen’s mother Guadalupe Lopez) Loupe and said,” We need to stop this. ” That was a big mistake. Since then, there has been tension between me and the loupe. “

Lopez soon began to change with increasing money and fame, Jill’s lover said.

“She went from Jen to J-Lo. This big company has attracted millions of people. She has all these new people around her and all the money from her. I wanted to make money. When I call, my assistant will say, “Sorry, she isn’t available.” “

According to the article, when Noah was tasked with launching Lopez’s LA nightclub, a photo of Puff Daddy and his wife, who were making part of her music in New York, was published.

“I called Jen and asked why she went out with him on a date, she said. This is what I’m told I have to do.” I was jealous and shouted, “But you are married!”

“We talked about having a child because we wanted a child, and then she told me she couldn’t give birth because she interfered with her career,” he lamented.

Noah and Lopez went to Opla, where she denied that the marriage had problems.

“Our life has become a lie,” Noah recalled, recalling that he lost 17 kg due to the stress of the façade.

“We went to the Golden Globe Awards and sat down with Jack (Nicholson),” he said, “you look very happy.” I said to him, “It doesn’t look.” He told me to hang there. I never expected to get relationship advice from Jack Nicholson. “

Eleven months later, the couple divorced and Lopez immediately dated Puff Daddy publicly.

According to the report, Noah was left with $ 50,000 in the settlement agreement and continued to wear his ring while the two remained in close proximity.

“She once told me she wanted to come back with me. In a quiet moment she would say: I don’t want to lose you,” Noah reportedly remembered.

The short marriage between Lopez and Chris Lad broke up, and Affleck asked questions for the first time before she officially separated from the backup dancer.

Two years later, in 2004, Lopez was caught by Marc Anthony. The pair have been together for 10 years.

The actress hired Noah to run a restaurant in Los Angeles around 2002, but fired him three years later. According to her article, he sued her, settled, and returned to Florida, where she had not remarried.

Noah said he believed that without media coverage that characterized him as a “celebrity-feeding parasite” and a “blank waiter,” he could have made it last longer with Lopez.

“I hope she and Ben are the best, but I’m not sure it will continue,” Noah said.

“I think she’s married seven or eight times. I can’t see her settle down alone. She’s pushing herself to keep her professional life forward. That’s why she has a 30-year career, and she’s also making progress in her private life. “

“If Ben has a loupe on his side, there may be a chance,” Noah said. Post,smile.

This article was published by New York post Duplicate with permission

at first Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck don’t last long, says her first husband

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck don’t last long, says first husband Ojani Noa

Source link Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck don’t last long, says first husband Ojani Noa

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