Jehovah’s Witnesses Send Handwritten Letters to Perth’s House

Religious groups have been accused of targeting locals in the southern Perth region with unwanted handwritten letters, often decorated with pictures.

An individual made great efforts to stand by a stranger and dropped a one-sided handwritten letter with drawings into a letterbox.

On Wednesday, a woman living in Baldivis, southern Perth, discovered an unwanted gesture as an example of Jehovah’s Witnesses in her area being “overkill.”

Written by a woman named Beth, this memo encouraged a family of strangers to visit the “special” Jehovah’s Witnesses website and “learn about the Creator.”

On the back of the memo envelope, Beth drew a butterfly next to the two potted plants and asked the question, “Butterfly feathers, was it designed?”

“Dear neighbor, my name is Beth. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in your area,” the letter read.

“We are all affected by Covid-19 and are affected by fires, floods and economic problems, so we need some comfort,” she writes.

Beth then took the family to the website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, claiming to “answer questions about the future” and provide “positive hope and what it means personally to you.”

The woman who received the letter shared the photo on Facebook and asked if other locals had received the same letter.

“So this is just here. I’m not sure what to think about. Do other people have these? It’s handwritten in the picture, but it’s a bit far.” I read her post.

Dozens said they received similar material in letterbox, many described it as “nuisance” and revealed that they usually threw it straight into the trash.

“Straight into the trash. Each one, whatever you believe in, it’s your choice. But don’t try to push it against others,” one commented.

“I opened the mine and dumped it in the trash,” another person wrote.

Someone else said a local group began writing letters during the Covid-19 pandemic instead of their typical door knock.

A peeing local said he had received a letter with his email address and sent a message asking, “Please leave my house with junk.”

“I shouldn’t force them my opinion, they shouldn’t force me their opinion,” they added.

Some were less critical, claiming that there were people in the community doing much worse than putting religious letters in letterbox.

“It’s even worse to actually try to harm us, such as scammers, hackers, scammers, governments, police, big companies, but because these people have good intentions in their hearts. , I respect their right to have a belief. ”

Others have suggested calling or writing to the organization asking them to remove it from their mailing list.

“Call me and ask to remove your name from the mailing list. It’s that easy,” he wrote.

at first Woman receives drawings and eerie one-sided handwritten letters

Jehovah’s Witnesses Send Handwritten Letters to Perth’s House

Source link Jehovah’s Witnesses Send Handwritten Letters to Perth’s House

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