“Jealousy and Domination” Partner Convicted of Killing Cheryl Ardler

The night he killed his girlfriend Cheryl Ardler, Dennis French was seen burning clothes in a bottle in a nature reserve in western Sydney.

On the flames and smoke, he shouted: “Come and get your shit, woman.”

At the beginning of December 12, 2012, the couple were seen arguing in the same reserve near their home in Crane Brook. The French pushed Ms. Ardler to the ground. She tried to escape, but he caught her and hit her several times. He also stabbed her face with a fork. An ambulance was called, but he didn’t go to the hospital or talk to the police. The 41-year-old was never seen again.

Dennis French was sentenced to 10 years in prison for manslaughter by Cheryl Ardler.

The French “take off” to house guest Ms. Ardler and updated her Facebook profile picture to “ready to meet alone” and “free like a bird” three days later, but on Friday she He was finally imprisoned for being killed. Disposal of Ardler and her body.

French, which was described by neighbors as “jealousy and domination” Suspected for a long time Killing Mr. Ardler.But that wasn’t the case A teenager came across the wreckage of her skeleton Near the bed in a stream in 2018 when authorities were able to confirm that she had encountered fraudulent play.

It is not known exactly how she was killed, but post-mortem examination revealed that Ms. Ardler was supporting her broken jawbone at the time of her death, and she died as a result of the assault. It was confirmed that.

April 2019, French Indicted for her murder.. He later pleaded guilty to less charges of manslaughter.

On Friday, Hament Dhanji, SC of the New South Wales Supreme Court, revealed that he had raped and intimidated another female partner between the killing of Ms. Ardler and the arrest of the French.

The French pleaded guilty in July and August 2016 for raping another woman just two days ago and threatening to attack her with a hammer against her will.

“Jealousy and Domination” Partner Convicted of Killing Cheryl Ardler

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