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Japanese face mask row over 80m cost remaining in unused storage | Japan

You may be wearing a mask Almost ubiquitous in JapanHowever, the government fired after revealing a face cover of over 80m procured at the start. coronavirus The pandemic is still in storage at a huge cost to taxpayers.

The government secured a 260m washable cloth mask early last year and distributed it to all households in Japan due to public concerns about stores that had emptied the virus. Medical version..

The government planned to send a 120m cover called “Abenomask” to the home and another 140m to a long-term care facility after the then Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

However, the Nikkei newspaper reported this week that 82 million masks for long-term care facilities had not been sent as of March this year. Instead, items worth £ 11.5 billion (£ 74 million) will remain in storage.

Abenomask, a play of “Abenomics,” the economic policy of its leaders at the time, quickly ridiculed on social media.A lot of people too smallOthers complained that they were sent defective or dirty masks. Some said they received it late or did not receive it at all.There was also a question about the decision to just send Two masks For each household.

It has been reported that tens of millions of face covers had not yet been distributed by the time the nationwide mask shortage was resolved in July last year.

Nikkei estimates that it will cost 600 million yen between August 2020 and March this year, apart from the mask production cost, according to information from sources related to the national audit committee. Was quoted and stated.

After confirming the accuracy of Nikkei’s story, Deputy Prime Minister Yoshihiko Isozaki said that the government switched to sending masks to long-term care facilities only on request, leading to a surplus.

Isozaki denied that the government wasted taxpayers’ money by overestimating demand in the first months of the pandemic, and Musk said, “An effective way to prevent infection in the last year’s supply shortage.” Claimed that there was.

“Given the situation at the time, I think it was appropriate,” Kyodo News said, adding that authorities would look for ways to make good use of the remaining masks.

“Abenomask” has become popular on Japanese Twitter following the Nikkei newspaper, and opposition politicians have accused the government of wasting public funds.

“We asked for changes to the plan many times, but Prime Minister Abe saw it as needed,” said Renho, the Constitutional Democratic Party. Japan.. “Now, no one, including Abe, wears an abenomask.”

Abe’s cloth masks were not popular, but recently it has been acknowledged that the widespread use of masks purchased in stores is one factor. Dramatic reduction in Covid-19 cases in Japan.


The latest daily report showed only 321 new infections, compared to more than 25,000 in late August.

The recent decline urged the government to lift it on Monday Urgent restrictions on bars and restaurantsFor several months, I was asked to close early and refrain from serving alcohol.

After a late start, the deployment of vaccines in Japan has accelerated rapidly. According to government statistics, more than 70% of the country’s 125 million population currently receives two Covid-19 jabs.

Japanese face mask row over 80m cost remaining in unused storage | Japan

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