James Anderson covers all five tests: Australia vs England, Stuart Broad, David Warner, Video and Podcasts.

James Anderson has defeated the suggestion of sneaking in the ashes by declaring to Australia that he wants to play all five tests.

Without Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes, the question was raised whether England could take 20 wickets to win the test against Australia.

With the introduction of 39-year-old Anderson and his longtime new ball ally, Stuart Broad, 35, England’s attack has a pedestrian feel on the rocky pitches of Australia.

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However, Anderson, who admits to start with a bang in Brisbane, says he wants to play a role throughout the series, although it’s more realistic to do three or four tests.

“Well, I do exactly what I did in the summer,” Anderson said of Fox Cricket. Road to ashes Podcast.

“I participated in the Indian series in the summer. I was in the best condition to play all five. Then you manage it … I am in the best shape. All five To play, I could play all five at my age. To be honest, I’ve seen Australia play on their own at any age in Australia. Because it’s a venue, Please wait a moment.

“I want to play with five people, but I may be happy to play with three or four people.”

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One of Anderson’s natural lips licking matches is the pink ball test in Adelaide.

“When the ball shook like that, I was just having fun and trying to show off my skills, which I think was one of the times I really felt in the match in Australia,” Anderson admitted.

“It’s not that often that you feel at the top, but that was one such opportunity.”

Anderson and Broad have over 1,100 test scalps between them and are England’s greatest ticket gates.

However, while the Down Under Duo has never had similar success, it played a vital role during the 2010/11 success.

James Anderson of England aims to play all five tests against Australia during the ashes. Photo: AAPSource: AAP

Anderson must turn his ability to hit Pat Cummins’ outstanding length with him and the rest of the bowling attacks, which are likely to include Mark Wood and Chris Woakes in order for England to seize the opportunity. Is called.

“Yes, in general, it’s not always difficult, but the way you actually approach bowling is different (in Australia),” Anderson said.

“As you say, the Duke of England swings often. With the wickets we play, we also get seam movements, so if you go to Australia you won’t swing that much. You may get a little with a new ball, and then in general it’s about trying to hit a good area.

“I see Pat Cummins, where does he get his success? He’s just accurate. He hits the ball at a good pace and gets a good bounce. That’s what we have to do. You have to hit the bat hard and work relentlessly on your area, that’s what we’re trying to do. “

Stuart Broad celebrates Sean Marsh’s ticket gate with James Anderson Photo: Michael KleinSource: News Corp Australia

This series could be shaped by one important match, Broad vs. David Warner.

During the 2019 Ashes campaign, Broad fired seven left-handed people out of 104 deliveries in 10 innings.

Anderson expected Warner to respond during the next series, but believed that the matchup could be decisive in the results.

“Stuart has had great success with him. If he can stay on him and get on top of him sooner, it could be in our favor,” Anderson said. ..

“We have to get started. Especially the gabber is huge for us. Some that we can get started and stand up to some batters and bring a real snowball effect throughout the series. If you can try to find your weaknesses.

“We played so many crickets against David Warner. We know that you can never really be on top of him, so in the summer of 2019. We know that it will be a different animal than the one we faced. “

James Anderson covers all five tests: Australia vs England, Stuart Broad, David Warner, Video and Podcasts.

Source link James Anderson covers all five tests: Australia vs England, Stuart Broad, David Warner, Video and Podcasts.

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