Jamaica has won the final round of the series that England’s Jess Thirlby wants to learn.Netball

The harsh winter winds that struck Nottingham’s Utilita Arena rarely slowed Jamaica’s fire. Jamaica took complete revenge on the Rose of England after two defeats, defeating series winners 63-53 in the final round of the three tests.

Jamaican head coach Connie Francis hinted that the results of the first two games were on her side. So when the Sunshine Girls started with the same 7, which led the first match of half of the match, there was a question. Did Jamaica learn? Kady Ann Dehoney may have won two in England, but the Jamaican goalkeeper finally defeated England’s golden girl Eleanor Cardwell, and the result was decisive.

England raised the trophy for the reunion series after defeating Jamaica 2-1. Photo: England Netball Chloe Knot / Getty Images

Despite Rose’s own defensive efforts, led by Leila Guthrie and England captain Serena Guthrie, Janiere Fowler was ready to get the rewards his teammates generated. Even the ankle injury of her central Adean Thomas could not undermine the constant momentum on her side, and Jamaica came forward at the end of the first quarter: 14-11.

With a tail, they continued their onslaught in the second quarter. Looking for an answer, England head coach Jess Thirlby headed to the bench.

First, Helen Housby has arrived for Jo Harten. The introduction of Helen Housby had some influence. However, Dehoney and Sterling are familiar with Rose, who plays against them weekly and weekly at Australian supermarkets. Netball The league was quickly adjusted and soon returned to take advantage of the lack of penetration of England’s attacks. Then Stacy Francis appeared. However, Fowler did his best to perform with the “world’s best” suffix following her name mention, but with little change, the Sunshine Girls rushed forward.

Beginning in the third quarter was Roses with a new look, featuring names that haven’t been played in the series yet. Sensing the responsibilities given to them by Sarby, the seven members of the court clenched their teeth and set about work. England, which benefited from Jamaica’s defensive triumvirate’s eye-catching referees, regained the goal and left an eight deficit to undo for the final quarter.

In elite netball, a seven-goal deficit is considered too much to recover. To flip the script, you need four turnovers and four centers to reach the goal. For England, a comeback of that magnitude was always unlikely, in contrast to Jamaica singing with Fowler and Sterling’s firings. The Sunshine Girls seemed to thrive only when the host desperately saw a clean sweep slip from their grip and the cheers of Jamaica drowned the arena.

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The whitewashing of the project was an unachieved goal, but the mood of the English camp was one of the positives. “We have to adhere to the success of the entire series. A little lesson in its final performance will not hurt.”

Next to Rose is the January quad series featuring Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. As Birmingham 2022 beckons, it will definitely be an important test for defending champions heading as a favorite.

Jamaica has won the final round of the series that England’s Jess Thirlby wants to learn.Netball

Source link Jamaica has won the final round of the series that England’s Jess Thirlby wants to learn.Netball

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