Jacqui Lambie accuses protesters of “non-Australian” shrines

Controversial senator Jackie Lambie has accused Melbourne’s “traddy” protesters of despising the Shrine of Remembrance, labeling their actions “absolutely disgusting.”

On Wednesday, hundreds of unmasked protesters marched from the city to the war monument, chanting “every day” and polluting the area before clashing with police.

Protesters’ actions have been widely criticized, with reports of urine being found on the walls of the shrine this morning and debris found around the site.

“I can now tell you for the people who serve, for the people they serve … they are absolutely sick,” Ms. Lambie told Todayshaw. ..

“Walking the shrine, walking the sanctuary, dropping your cigarettes and beer cans here and there, and doing what you did are all new lows for your people.

“If you think this is giving you more support, you need to make fun of yourself, because veterans aren’t the only ones to see what’s going on.”

It happens when the city is preparing for the fourth day of protest. This initially began as an opposition to the Covid vaccine mandated by the construction industry, but has since attracted anti-vaccine activists and right-wing extremists.

Hundreds of protesters were arrested Wednesday after a nearly three-hour standoff with police at the monument. And some protesters refused to leave after being given multiple opportunities by police.

Members of the riot squad appeared to have fired tear gas and rubber bullets to control the angry mob.

The demonstrators sang the national anthem, chanting “Don’t forget,” and urged police not to arrest them for “respect for ANZACS.”

Lambi said he was embarrassed by the scene he believed had offended the Australians and the memories of those who fought for the country.

“The rest of the Australian community can now tell you. They are watching what’s going on and very much to veterans and those who have served everything you do. Has a kind heart-I’m cruelly honest-has offended everyone, “she said.

“This is not the Australian way.

“We didn’t lose people in the war. People didn’t lose their husbands and fathers in the war. To give you these freedoms you have today, you abuse them and absolutely I am abusive to you. “

Veterans blamed the protesters for calling the shrine CEO Dean Lee’s gathering at the monument “in trouble.”

Lee told ABC News Breakfast that there was no visible damage to the structure, but the walls were sprayed with urine.

“Obviously there was a lot of broken glass. There was urination on the wall of the monument and I’m sick of it happening. Garbage was scattered everywhere,” he said.

Camera iconDean Lee, chief executive officer of the Shrine of Remembrance, said there was urine on the wall of the monument.Andrew Henshaw credit: News Corp Australia

“We know what a shrine means to the veteran community of Victoria and Australia. It was very difficult for us all to see such a shrine being neglected.

“If you ask yourself what it is to be Australian, I think it’s our behavior in times of crisis.

“People who try to divide us in times of crisis are not giving them any benefit and do not represent the highest values ​​of being Australian.”

Jacqui Lambie accuses protesters of “non-Australian” shrines

Source link Jacqui Lambie accuses protesters of “non-Australian” shrines

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