Jacobson believes there are more top 10 around the corners

Dan McCarthy

One of the surprise performances at the Australian Grand Prix Weekend at the Supercars Paddock was Garry Jacobson, who won the Top 10 finish three times on the Premier Air Racing team. But why can he reproduce it so fast?

Jacobson explained that the team was reset after a difficult round in Tasmania, which was a major contribution to its success in Melbourne.

“At Simmons Plains, we missed some mechanical things that weren’t necessarily car handling,” Jacobson told AUTOACTION.

“It was obviously a fix. That was a good thing and we had a pretty hard chat after the round.

“There was a new gearbox and a new steering rack, and suddenly I was able to get out and actually drive the car properly.

“It shows that if everything goes well, we can be competitive. It shows that the car setup is far from a problem for us. We just made sure everything was reset. I tried something else and was able to get out and go right away. “

After struggling for linear speed in Tasmania, at Albert Park, Jacobson set the fastest speed throughout the weekend, which gave him a tenth of a second immediately.

“Of course, the pressure was a bit on me because I achieved a more linear speed. I wasn’t always trying to catch up,” he explained.

“At Symmons Plains, the end of each straight was delayed by up to 10km / h per hour.

The extra linear speed also helps save tires. “

Jacobson believes the Australian Grand Prix track is a bit outlier for a fast-paced circuit, and knows it’s not natural for the team to be in the top 10 in Perth, but the team is steady. I am confident that we can move forward. ..

“All of these factors I mentioned earlier probably surprised the category a bit when I saw my results improve very quickly,” he said.

“I know this is one of the tracks of the year. The motivation from Simmons Plains was that we couldn’t be behind the field … we have to keep improving. It will not be.

“We wanted to implement the same focus and process that Triple Eight does in-house and bring it to our own facility.

“I’m excited to frill some feathers on the grid and compete for championship points with Tickford and DJR cars. If we can keep pushing, we believe we can.

“We would like to work closely with Broc and Shane this year. That is our intention.

“We know that without their support we wouldn’t be able to build a competitive car and the relationship is very strong and in a good position at the moment.”

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Jacobson believes there are more top 10 around the corners

Source link Jacobson believes there are more top 10 around the corners

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