“I’ve never seen a happier football club”: The Devil’s Delight in Lyon


Melbourne’s legendary Garry Lion has declared the 2021 Premiership to break the Devil’s Drought as an ointment needed by everyone involved in the club to heal the wounds caused by failure and tragedy.

He said winning the flag was “everything you think” when celebrating in the room with players, officers and ex-players after watching the game. Team destroys Western Bulldogs From the middle of the third quarter, we turned a 19-point deficit into a 74-point victory.

The victory ended in 57 years without a flag Modern history full of sadness Former players and coaches Jim Steins, Dean Bailey, Colin Silvia, Troy Broadbridge, Robbie Flower and Sean Wight died at a young age, and Neale Daniher has been fighting motor neuron disease.

As Lyon said about Fox Football, what was painted around the room before the match was Daniel’s words, “Everything was said, and when it was done, more was said than it was done.” He was the one who impressed everyone who connected with the devil after the match.

“It’s very uplifting for everyone. That’s why tonight’s victory was so important. The pain and tragedy is real and it’s part of our history, but we make it We’ve wiped it out. We’ve won the Premiership and have never seen a football club as happy as this, “Lyon said.

54-year-old former devil captain Announced Max Gown When Director Simon Goodwin At the Premiership Cup before explaining how nervous he was when the bulldog had a 19-point lead.

Great Melbourne Lion and Simon photo

“In the middle of the third quarter, they repelled when they thought they would be shot again here. I was just surprised at what they did, “Lyon said.

“You dream of it. You think of it, you see other clubs experience this in the last decade, Geelong and Swan and Bulldog in 2016, and you someday it Sitting there hoping to experience.

“I’ve never seen a happier football club”: The Devil’s Delight in Lyon

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