It’s not a joke, it’s a stand-up boom, but get ready to get wet


“”[The bay] Especially in St Kilda, there is marina and rock wall protection, which provides good condition. Since it’s Melbourne, the weather is often variable, so it’s not always suitable, but it definitely helps. “

But if you’re looking for a decent hardboard or high quality inflatable, the conditions aren’t very good.

Further down the bay, Sunny King Paddle BoardNick King, owner of the state’s largest hardboard supplier, said in September 2020 that stand-up paddleboards would grow during the city’s second blockade.

Sunny King sales surged 280% that month as residents of the suburbs of Bayside flocked to the water for a movement allowed within a 5 km travel limit. King said he still sells about twice as many boards as he did before the pandemic.

But its fast-growing demand and global supply chain crisis mean that new entrants to the sport may have to wait for a good board.

Sunny King boards are made in Thailand from Australian foam, American resin, Kevlar and fiberglass, and Canadian hand-pressed bamboo. According to King, shipping costs doubled due to supply shortages, and delivering boards to customers this summer was a logistic nightmare.

But customers are enthusiastic.

“I received two boards just before Christmas. I think there were about 400 boards, and more than 300 were pre-sold,” King said.

You can always get a cheap inflatable board, but King doesn’t recommend riding on a low quality board.

“There are daily calls from people who have these cheap inflatables and they are absolute trash that can only be landfilled,” he said.

“People just want to take part in the sport, but they’re riding this elastic thing that’s falling apart, and you don’t want to put your child in the water of the board that’s falling apart is.”

Even the second-hand market was very tight, Burke said.

“Second-hand goods [stand-up paddleboard] The market is like the used car market. People are hanging on them, or if they are selling, they are selling them at a good price, “she said. “Few used boards are on sale.”

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It’s not a joke, it’s a stand-up boom, but get ready to get wet

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