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“It’s like joining a cult”: Which luxury barbecue equipment is worth the money? | BBQ

“MeIt was part of Australia’s dream of having a huge backyard and a large brick barbecue, “says Firepit author Ross Dobson. barbecue.. In the 1970s, wood was the fuel of choice, but at that time “we didn’t wait for coal to develop,” he says. Since then, I’ve witnessed the advent of gas barbecue, but now it’s back to what’s called “raw fire.”

Jay Beaumont is behind Meetstock, a barbecue festival that attracted 20,000 Panthers in Sydney and 15,000 Panthers in Melbourne in the years before the pandemic. Prior to establishing the event in 2015, he was the founder of the Australasia BBQ Alliance and was referred to as the “Home of Low and Throw”, referring to the cooking styles prevalent in American barbecue culture.

A few years ago, according to Beaumont, the return to wood and charcoal began, driven by the woody flavors that gas barbecue wouldn’t have unless you used a small smoker box and wood chips. He says it was “the revival of barbecue in Australia”.

United States, especially south of it – where you can claim it barbecue Only politics and religion come later – the influence through the wave of traditional and social media, travel and the opening of barbecue restaurants across Australia. In addition, streamers, including Netflix, give the global barbecue culture the treatment of a chef’s table.

As a result, the barbecue market is booming, with options far beyond the old-fashioned brick clues and Weber Kettle, which is synonymous with dark art for many to get the hook right. For those who are crazy about gadgets and brands, we have a large selection.

Ceramic grills like the Big Green Egg are the gold standard for slow barbecues, but they are also very expensive. Photo: Egeris / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Caroline Harkin has been distributing barbecues and smokers for 15 years. She has seen “real culture” grow in Australia. Harkin is a versatile ceramic grill that actually looks like a giant egg, despite utilizing Codylite, a silicate ceramic developed for the re-entry of the Space Shuttle. I was able to talk for days about something like a green egg. Versatility and design aesthetics seem to be the selling point of Egg as well as competitors like Kamado Joe, another ceramic product. They go beyond the grill and are also used for smoking and baking. Harkin likens Big Green Egg to Tandoor.

Both products come with a high price tag of over $ 1,000, which is $ 4,000 for larger models. Whether the cost is worth it depends on how often you use it and how you barbecue. If your home cook is pushing your backyard or balcony skills longer and slower, or even bread, these ceramic barbecues are probably the gold standard option for temperature control and ease of use.

But this kind of spending is far from essential. Leon Tartaglia and Cory Frayling started barbecuing in earnest three years ago and dusted the Weber kettle that Tartaglia’s dad had long abandoned. “It’s like joining a cult,” laughs Tartagria from the cue community. Frayling said: “Since I started cooking hamburgers, I took some pictures and shared them on my Instagram page.”

Kettle barbecue
Classic kettle barbecue is easy to retrieve on Congressional pick-up day, but it doesn’t pose any barrier to ambitious cooks. Photo: Kichigin / Getty Images / iStockphoto

use YouTube As an endless reference, they quickly became “at risk and cooking brilliantly that many people in the backyard are afraid to do early on.” Recording Prime Rib Roast and a 3-hour cook on his @cheatmeats Instagram account, he currently has 292,000 followers and gained 400,000 viewers on TikTok just nine months later.

The origin stories of Tartaglia and Frayling reflect a lot of people, who say they started with a rented barbecue and even a recovered barbecue. A basic kettle with a dome-shaped lid is available for $ 100 anew. It’s probably training wheels in the barbecue world, but with a little practice it’s not very effective.

Bluetooth thermometer
Bluetooth thermometers may sound extravagant, but they can get rid of guesswork from expensive cooks like Brisket. Photo: Lenti Hill / Getty Images / iStockphoto

Many of us have spiked analog, oven-proof thermometers for roasting, or just look and feel, but there are plenty of Bluetooth probes that can monitor cooks from your smartphone. Rather than a luxury cookware, this upgrade was chosen by Tartaria as a gadget worth the money. “See, it removes a lot of guesswork from the equation,” he says. “Wagyu brisket can be purchased for $ 450, so you don’t have to guess when it’s ready just to cook it. You’ll be using the right equipment and tools.”

Wok-sized fire pit
Roth Dobson says a wok-sized fire pit is “really feasible.”This is from Geelong-based appliance company IXL

Dobson, who has several barbecue books under his belt, is back in the fire pit. It’s not far from his youth’s brick barbecue, but he warns against growing up. Our instinct may be that a big fire is dramatic and desirable, but Dobson keeps in mind that he burns more wood than necessary. Because it was really feasible. Like a kettle, a basic fire pit or blazer starts at about $ 100, such as from Bunnings Warehouse. Like any barbecue, YouTube has a myriad of tutorials on its own methods.

For Dobson, the appeal of switching from gas is the basis of cooking with coal.

Patience is key, so gas is still reliable for those who want to ignite and cook quickly. “At first there is so much smoke,” he warns about the use of wood. If you don’t wait for the water and oxygen to burn out, “smoke will spoil your food.”

“It gets that diesel-like taste. Give it a few hours and you get those sparkling hot embers, that’s what you’re looking for.”

“It’s like joining a cult”: Which luxury barbecue equipment is worth the money? | BBQ

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