Is your penis shape normal? (R rating)

Put the children to sleep. This article is for adults …

Has anyone you know poetically waxed a partner with a “perfect” penis? When they gave you intimate details, were you surprised that their perfect definition didn’t match yours? what! Would you like to talk about penis?

At Costhetics, we often talk about penises as part of a trend news survey on men’s aesthetic improvement, and sometimes as part of our love life. We have learned a great deal over the years. I would like to share our wealth of knowledge with you.

6 penis shapes to hold and hold

When it comes to the big, wide and wonderful world of penis, when we use the word “normal”, what we really mean is “typical”. Among the many gentlemen, it turns out that most of them have one of these six average shapes, each with its own “magical power” in the bedroom.

  • Downward dog – Think of an upward banana. However, on the contrary, the curve is most noticeable when the penis is upright. This form of penis may have been named from yoga or from the fact that it is a great asset when enjoying “doggy” sexual intercourse.
  • High C – Even when relaxed, the C-shaped penis is significantly bent to the right. It is highly regarded by couples who enjoy various sexual positions.
  • C. Hammer – With a long, thin shaft and a large head, this penis is perfect for stimulating the vaginal wall in a simple missionary position.
  • straight – When it comes to straight penises, the name speaks for itself. It keeps the same shape from head to shaft even when standing upright or relaxed. Straight penis is famous for its usefulness in various positions.
  • torpedo- This conical penis narrows from the root to the head. The gradual increase in girth is a dual asset, allowing for a milder penetration, followed by a deeper stimulus.
  • Top banana – When standing upright, the upward banana bends north. I wish you were straight Take this into account: the upward curve is an asset for stimulating g-spots. Did you know who?

Is your penis perfect as it is?

Yes. Your penis is simply not normal, it’s perfect … it’s perfect for you, that is. If your partner makes you self-conscious about your penis, you may want to rethink that partner. On the contrary, you may want to see something different the next time you pick up something. If you make your own changes, that’s a different story.

Before we begin our quest for a larger and better penis, we must accept the harsh truth that “a safe and effective way to enlarge the penis is not guaranteed at this time” (Source: Mayo Clinic). Don’t be fooled by false claims. Costhetics save money and avoid the following:

  • tablet
  • lotion
  • Vacuum pump (The temporary expansion they cause can lead to erectile dysfunction, exacerbating the bad situation!)
  • Extended surgery (This is not a cosmetic procedure and is intended for men who do not function normally due to injury or birth defects)

Make the most of your gift

So what does a man do? Costhetics (and Mayo Clinic) recommend you:

  • Say no to that foster – Beer guts are famous for reducing the size of what is underneath. Cutting excess carbs such as beer and white bread will help you slim down.
  • Say “yes” to exercise – By strengthening your body, you can improve stamina and strength between seats. Size and shape aren’t really important, as these two things work.
  • Say yes to self-love – Staying in close contact with your penis will help you notice any changes that may justify your visit to your doctor.
  • Say yes to love yourself – Spiritually serenade yourself (and your penis) with Billy Joel’s masterpiece “Leave Your Face”.

Is your penis shape normal? (R rating)

Source link Is your penis shape normal? (R rating)

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