Is there a place in the game for giants?

GOAT Expectations

Without a doubt, Craig Bellamy is the best coach ever.

The big news is that he has been in Storm for another five years. He may only coach two more, but for the next three years he will fingerprint the entire club in the way the team plays.

He has taken them to eight Grand Finals and has been head coaching each year in the finals since 2003, except in 2010 when he tricked his salary cap into losing points.

The best thing about Bellamy in recent years is how the storm evolved and changed the attack, even though many generations of players left the system. Israel Folau left and they continued it. Greg Ingris left and they continued it. Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk, same deal. And let’s see what Cameron Smith’s big thing – and what they’re doing right now.

They struggle when other clubs retire the champion in a critical position, but Melbourne has an aggressive glow and strike from the super-structural team when Smith, Slater and Kronk were playing. It became a very large team.

But the biggest thing is that they have never lost their DNA. It’s a tough and hard-working defense.

It’s incredible how Bellamy will improve the players on the scrap heap, especially the front row players. See Brian Norrie, Tui Cameron Norrie and Tim Grasby. If Christian Welch was in another club, would he change to an origin player? Joshuad Carr and Raymis Smith on their outer back are other examples. Jahrome Hughes was unable to crack the Cowboys and Titans. I was able to continue many times.

Craig Bellamy has signed a five-year contract to stay in photo

He works incredibly hard and his attention to the details of their playing style, especially the defense, is incredible. He trains them very hard, but unlike other clubs that whiplash, you never hear his players whine. He was always looking for that edge, some of which was wrestling operations, but they did their best.

Bellamy’s biggest compliment is that all other clubs are trying to copy them. The way they play, the coaches they try to poach. Think of all the coaches under Bellamy, including Brad Arthur, Michael Maguire, Adam O’Brien, Kevin Walters, Stephen Kearney, and Anthony Seibold. Other than McGwire, others haven’t been as successful as Bellamy.

For me, he is the best coach we have ever had.

With stormy eyes

Simply put, Storm wins the Grand Final rematch and wins well. When I look at Penrith, they start wobbling in terms of injuries six weeks after the final.

Neither their general, Nathan Cleary, nor Isaah Yeo, who is right behind Nathan in terms of importance to Penrith. He acts as the link, which takes his other big names around the field. He is the bridge between the prostitute and the half, and he makes it very effective.

Then there’s no of their best advancers, Brian Toe, away from the kick reception, and their menacing and main meter man, James Fisher Harris. In the last two weeks, they have beaten Broncos by 6 points and the Warriors by 14 points.


If they regain their army, they are still a chance at the end of the year, but if they bother Melbourne, they need their best 17 fits and fires.

Cameron Münster, Harry Grant, Dale Finnkane, and Ferries Kaufushi are back in the storm this week, but Ryan Papenheisen is the second spell. Brisbane will be sunny. A high-speed truck with no condensation on the ground. I think the storm will win 20 to 30 points.

What does a big loss psychologically do for Penrith?

I don’t think it hurt them at all. With full power, they will know that they can defeat the storm. They beat them in the third round. However, Bellamy’s boost in Melbourne cannot be underestimated. It all shows a big victory for Storm.

Joey’s Tip: Over 20 storms.
First tri-scorer: Justin Olam.
Most Valuable Player: Cameron Münster.

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Is there a place in the game for giants?

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