Is Friday’s long lunch coming to work near you?

Stocks soared overnight on Wall Street and do the same here today. The big motivation is the growing belief that Omicron isn’t as bad as many think, but the fact that tech stocks are repulsing violently is destructive year after year about the digital world we live in. It teaches us to continue to be.

But digital isn’t the only confusion. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to six Arab states, including Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and is required for four and a half weeks from January 1st. I used to work on Saturday, but this weekend will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday after lunch.

If this becomes a global phenomenon, a long lunch on an old Friday could come back.

At this stage, this is a mandatory move for civil servants, so migrant workers continue to travel by bus five days a week or more for hard throws.

Some might consider this to be the tip of a destructive iceberg (this is an image that doesn’t really work in the UAE desert!), But the iceberg already exposes many of the destructive tips. I insist.

The turmoil is everywhere, as the UAE’s four-and-a-half-day week has employees working from home on Mondays and Fridays. The city’s traffic indicators and the coffee sold at the CBD Cafe show that workers are looking for another work relationship.

Younger generation workers have different expectations for many aspects of their work. For example, how many days a week you work, go to work, how long you have been working, your attitude towards your boss, their attitude as an employee, and so on. I would be surprised if this was the request of a young worker who bowed by the United Arab Emirates. Parents “This move aims to’make the UAE better aligned with the global market,'” said WAM, a state news agency, calling the new work week “the shortest in the world.”

But it’s still a mess for UAE leaders who know that a world of intensifying digital competition means that UAE member states can’t afford to be out of sync with the West. Digital turmoil by Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google and more is redefining the world.

And we know that even the very conservative Arabian world cannot ignore the devastating future that is affecting us all.

NS Parents “From an economic point of view, the new working week will better align the UAE with the world market, reflecting the country’s strategic position on the world economic map.

“This guarantees smooth financial, trade and economic transactions with countries from Saturday to Sunday weekend, making it a stronger international business link for thousands and multinationals based in the United Arab Emirates. And opportunities are promoted. “

Yes, the world of finance and trade is on our face like never before, and our digital devices are engaging us in a myriad of businesses that once never dreamed of being linked. ..

For example, have you ever thought you could zoom anywhere in the world? This means you don’t have to buy a ticket, stay at a hotel, or interrupt your normal life to win a contract.

Overnight, tech stocks recently dumped in the trash were repurchased as financial markets downgraded Omicron’s concerns. But this return to tech stocks is more than just overbuying to make up for oversold.

It’s not surprising to see tech stocks sell out when US interest rates rise (and the bond market expects three 0.25% rises next year), but this is a buy for long-term patient investors. The opportunity will be their money where the digital turmoil is robbing our future world.

And that is an important clue to a successful investment. Those who saw and believed in Tesla’s electric car, Apple’s Steve Jobs genius, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos, who dreamed of Amazon, could see the future — and it was digital.

Earlier this year, the fund manager of WCM (California-based), one of the best funds in the world, gave a speech to the conference that the digital world is “just getting started”. ..

Many devastating changes will occur that will irritate some and make others very happy, like those who work in Dubai for four and a half days a week. But if you think about it again, you can make a lot of money from this changing world.

In that regard, I will be hosting the Switzer Small and Microcap Conference online at 9am today. We have nine interesting small cap companies, some of which are digital and destructive!You can register here. And those who do will send presentations of the CEOs of these companies to their inbox next week.

Is Friday’s long lunch coming to work near you?

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