Investors prepare for season reporting

The ASX200 closed on Thursday, rising just 7 points and leveling off. However, above 7,500 points, the reporting season will begin in earnest, and the index will rise above 1% in a week, a record-breaking area. Investors are clearly preparing for some big results (no puns intended). At nabtrade, cash holdings are at record highs, as are stock holdings. Activities are beginning to become more active as news-driven price fluctuations provide opportunities.

This week began with dramatic news from US payment giant Square Inc (SQ.US) Buy Australia’s All Script Offer Now and Pay Your Beloved Afterpay Later (APT). According to the news, Afterpay’s share price rose nearly 19% on Monday and closed. It closed 1% on Thursday, but at $ 125, it is 25% higher than last Friday’s close. Nabtrade investors have been making profits every day since the news was reported, with Tuesday selling surpassing buying 3: 1 and remaining high. Afterpay has been included in nabtrade’s top 10 transactions over the last four years, despite being listed in 2016. The average purchase price for afterpay investors was around $ 40 in 2020, significantly lower in the previous year. The acquisition will bring a significant plunge to the majority of holders.

I haven’t announced it, but Zip Co (Z1P) Equities have benefited from all the excitement, rising nearly 20% before today’s 2% decline. This leads to many trading opportunities where Z1P is popular and is mainly sold when investors and traders make a profit.

Another big news this week is the sharp drop in iron ore prices. This will have a significant impact on the materials sector and the largest holdings of some Nabtrade investors. Spot prices have fallen by nearly 20% from a recent high of about $ 220 per ton, Fortescue Metals (Fortescue Metals (Fortescue Metals)FMG) Stock price. With a 3.4% drop in stock prices on Thursday, nabtrade investors were huge buyers, with FMG trading volume about five times that of the second-traded stock. This followed a strong buy at the beginning of the week. It is worth noting that the price of iron ore has been against gravity for some time. The Treasury estimates that price is only $ 55 per ton. Supply constraints after the collapse of the Vale Tailings Dam in Brazil in January 2019 combined with extraordinary global demand caused by infrastructure spending following Covid exceeded the most ambitious goals The price has risen. Although iron ore prices are widely expected to fall, timing is always difficult to predict, and investors have taken this wave by investing in FMG. BHP (BHP) Was a convincing purchase, falling less than 2% on Thursday due to its broad portfolio and low leverage on iron ore prices, but Rio (RIO), Large purchases in the exceptional dividend news last week were below similar amounts and were also purchased.

Bank stocks continue to be the core of the average retail portfolio, but the trading volume of large banks no longer dominates daily trading. As a Commonwealth Bank (CBA) Equities continue to exceed $ 100, closing at $ 103.41 on Thursday, and investors continue to make a profit, which is not a wholesale sale but a significant adjustment. Westpac (WBC) It is a purchase while still out of the recent highs.

In other big-cap news, Woolworths drinks spin off EndeavorEDV) It rose more than 1% on Thursday and was adjusted by investors. According to Reuters on the nabtrade platform, the broker’s report upgraded the share price from $ 7 to $ 7.60. The EDV ended at $ 6.84. Blood product producer CSL (CSL) Closed and trimmed over $ 293. In the international market, investors are interested in the Chinese government’s crackdown on tech and other stock market giants. Diversified technology giant Tencent (0700.HK) Was a strong purchase, but the dual-listed Alibaba was sold in the United States (BABA.US) And the Hang Seng Index of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (9988.HK), Probably by a different investor. Stocks of providers of the popular US trading app Robinhood (HOOD.NAS) Last week, the stock market debut was a bit sluggish, but then jumped nearly 80% in a single session, making it a meme stock in itself. nabtrade hosted some buyers. More conservative investors are Pfizer (PFE.US) and Modana (MRNA.NAS) Because the delta variant of Covid-19 continues to grow exponentially around the world.

Investors prepare for season reporting

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