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Dealing with the blockade of COVID-19 is almost the second property for us living in NSW, QLD and VIC. It’s sad, but it’s true. Since the virus arrived in Australia in 2020, we have been in and out of a strict blockade. In fact, Melbourne is officially the most closed city in the world. ACT is up to date for the club and the first proper blockade will soon be over. Dr. Vivienne Lewis, a clinical psychologist at the University of Canberra, said restrictions would have serious implications for people. “Even in Canberra, which hasn’t had a long blockade compared to Melbourne or Sydney, the cost of the blockade is quite heavy on people’s mental health,” she said. Anyone who has experienced stress, longing, anxiety, sadness, boredom, or fear of blockade will know that she is honest with money. In the Northern Territory, it’s a bit of a time warp. The state has experienced an outbreak of COVID-19, but nothing is comparable to the strength of the southern state. As the state prepares to open its borders, there appears to be the same level of fear and uncertainty experienced at NSW and VIC during the first wave of the virus in 2020. Dr. Hugh Heggy, NT Chief Health Officer, made a fairly predictive prediction. “If you’re not well-managed, such as restricted movement or unvaccinated, you’ll lose your life … you’ll need to use shipping containers, slaughterhouses, etc. as mass morgues. “He said. Recent press conference. This is especially severe given the “worrisomely low” vaccine intake rates in remote indigenous communities. There are many legitimate concerns about the spread of the virus not only in the Northern Territory but also in local communities throughout Australia. Tasmania has experienced similar levels of concern over the past few weeks. Fortunately, the state has remained largely COVID-free for the past few years, but things can change as borders reopen. That uncertainty was exacerbated by a COVID-positive New South Wales man who fled Tassie’s hotel quarantine earlier this week. He is believed to have been in contact with 50 people, and authorities have no idea how he got out. Speaking of New South Wales, the state’s COVID cases continue to decline, but the impact of the state’s reopening has not yet been seen. The New South Wales Parliament has also submitted a bill that could legalize assisted suicide of people with terminal illness. Further south, the outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria continues to grow, with over 2000 new cases recorded overnight. VIC is accelerating towards its own “Freedom Day” on October 26th, despite the surge in incidents. The state’s vaccination rate is set to reach the 70% target before the big day. We understand the concerns from countries that (almost) do not have COVID, but the reopening of the country is closer than ever and does not appear to be slowing down. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here News you need to know:



Informer: Blockade-Clubs I Don’t Want to Join | Newcastle Herald

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