Informants: Floods, Protests, Afternoon Nap Surge | Newcastle Herald


After a heavy rainy day across southeastern Australia, the river surged and broke the embankment. Both Bathurst and Orange have recorded more than 90 millimeters of rain in three days, and New South Wales-wide records are in the midst of a deluge. The Lucklan River is expected to reach a major flood level of 10.55 meters in Forbes on Monday. Massive floods can occur in Forbes, Cotton Weirs and Gemalong starting early next week. When a peak is observed in Nanami, a prediction is made. Cowra has already experienced moderate floods, with Lachlan reaching 12.4 meters around noon on Saturday. However, the still-prolonged rains across New South Wales and ACT are expected to clear on Saturday afternoon. In Melbourne, thousands of people gathered in the city center to protest pandemic legislation and mandatory vaccines. Weekend rallies in the city have grown steadily since the COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed in October, and speakers told the crowd on Saturday that state Prime Minister Daniel Andrews should be dismissed. It has been reported. Victoria reported 1221 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday, killing four people. There are 405 people hospitalized for state illness. NSW reported 250 locally acquired COVID-19 cases in the 24-hour period until 8 pm on Friday, a decrease of 36 cases from the previous reporting period. No new coronavirus deaths have been reported in New South Wales for the first time in almost three months. ACT reported 11 new cases of COVID, but Queensland did not report new cases. Did you take an afternoon nap while working from home during the pandemic? A new study commissioned by a sleep health company found that nearly half of Australians take siesta at least once a week. Carmel Harrington, who holds a PhD in sleep medicine and wrote two books on the subject, says he will be somewhat shocked to return to the office, even a few days a week. “We call it social jet lag,” she said. “It’s when your body has to deal with two different sleep patterns, and the effect can feel very similar to real jet lag.” But the Olympics counter this. There is a possibility. A community awareness monitor created by Sports Australia states that one in five Australians watching the Tokyo Olympics is encouraged to be more physically active. Finally, overseas news. A Los Angeles judge has terminated the power of attorney, which has dominated the life of pop star Britney Spears for 13 years. Spears described this decision as “the greatest day of all time.” “Good god, I love my fans very much. It’s crazy! Followed by Instagram account, hashtag #FreedBritney. The power of attorney is a private mental health issue as the singer’s father experiences a public collapse. Founded and supervised after receiving treatment for. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here News you need to know:



Informants: Floods, Protests, Afternoon Nap Surge | Newcastle Herald

Source link Informants: Floods, Protests, Afternoon Nap Surge | Newcastle Herald

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