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When it rains, it rains-and boys, are they now pouring into most of eastern Australia? For us in New South Wales, there was a lot of excitement about haircuts after the blockade, but thanks to this ugly weather, my hair was always curly. And that’s nothing compared to what our farmers are experiencing right now. Floods are particularly severe in the central western part of the state, and NSW Farmers, the state’s largest agricultural organization, is calling on state and federal governments to expand its recent declaration of natural disasters. Justin Everit, chairman of the Farmers Grain Commission in New South Wales, said support was important as producers reported that the floods had completely covered the crops. La Niña raised a very damp head, so there is no immediate rest. In fact, eastern Australia is already marked as “better than average summer”. There is that outdoor summer we all dreamed of! New South Wales police are also fighting stormy weather in an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of William Tyrell. Despite the rain, Police Chief Darren Bennett, New South Wales Police Force Chief of State Crime Command, said, “I am very pleased with the progress made so far.” Our Prime Minister noticed that yet another coalition MP was crossing the floor and in the midst of another storm. Tasmania’s MP Bridget Archer broke the ranks and sailed across the floor to support the push of an independent MP Helen Haines to establish a federal anti-corruption oversight body. Prime Minister Scott Morrison was forced to oppose the proposal to lose control of Congress. He said Labor wanted a “kangaroo court” that would lead to the resignation of New South Wales Premier Beresikrian last month. “Oppositions want to support something like a show in New South Wales that saw the most shameful attack on the former Prime Minister,” he said. “What happened to Gladys Berejikrian, known to the people of New South Wales, was an absolute shame.” Morrison promised to be a watchdog of integrity for the 2019 elections. When I thought about it, I immediately changed my mind. Another backflip, maybe? Meanwhile, in the Northern Territory, remote communities near Catherine are still fighting the outbreak of COVID-19. A senior community member in Binjari said rumors spreading on social media “hurt the people who claim they care.” “We don’t have to have people out there who cause another flood for us,” their statement said. “We are blocked because we are participating in the biggest battle of our lives.” Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here News you need to know:



Informant: Sometimes fog rain turns into a storm | Newcastle Herald

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