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It’s certainly a timeless painting. Well, at least for the last two years, if not age. And it’s probably the most widely regarded of all artistic gongs-it has won the Archibald People’s Choice Award. Julia Chiccalone’s self-portrait, entitled “The Sea Within,” is very familiar. She lay on the floor of her studio, picked up a paintbrush, and painted herself before the wall of waves tried to swallow everything on the road. Put yourself in the frame-do you have earphones? A book by your side, maybe your phone or a half-melted ice cream tub? If you want to recreate the image of Ms. Ciccarone today, it’s unlikely that too many Prime Ministers will have a picture of Gladys Bereijklian in their chest. Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parashek was not impressed by New South Wales truck drivers who tested positive for COVID-19 after crossing state boundaries. Western Australia Prime Minister Mark Magawan did not miss too much eastern statistics when Western Australia declared that it would not lift the border closure until more than 80% of the population was vaccinated. thank you very much. “Last year, there was an objection in the High Court that easily beat Clive Palmer and the Liberal Party,” Magawan said. “If they want to bring in a second round, leave it to them.” Speaking of courts, the COVID required by some NSW workers as virus infections continue to increase by more than 1,000 cases a day. -19 Legal objections to vaccine requirements have been filed in the State Supreme Court. The issue, compiled by Sydney lawyer Tony Nicolic, will be heard on Friday. Relevant law firms claim that public health orders requiring “a wide range of workers” to be vaccinated are illegal and unconstitutional, giving police additional authority to enforce public health orders. doing. In a post on a social media website, Nicolic praised political celebrities such as Craig Kelly, Rev. Fred Nile, and Pauline Hanson for their opposition to compulsory vaccination and blockade. wait a minute. There was good news, especially for the good people in Tamworth. The Walkup Vaccination Hub does not require a reservation and will open in the country music capital later this month. Yes, roll up your sleeves and hand over the band-aid! If that’s not enough, increase your pandemic vocabulary. Did you hear Maskon? No, me too. Everything is revealed in the first link below. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here News you need to know:



Informant: No picture on the crack | Newcastle Herald

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