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When something runs out, people will often ask you to remember where you last saw it. But if the missing thing is a precious three-year-old boy who disappeared a few years ago, returning to the scene of his disappearance must be chilling. Today, New South Wales Police officers have returned to where William Tyrrell was last playing before he went missing in 2014. There is an unfounded theory that police investigations are investigating whether William fell off the balcony of the building. New South Wales police yesterday announced that a seven-year investigation provided new evidence and that a series of “high-intensity” investigations would be conducted at three specific locations in Kendall on the northern coast of New South Wales. It was also the first time in a long investigation that police admitted that William was most likely dead. New South Wales Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said today at 2GB that he believed the investigation would be “resolved” and confirmed that “especially one person was watching.” And that is the case when we are confident that many of us want to be resolved as well. Another mystery awaiting resolution is the origin of the recent Northern Territory COVID outbreak. There are nine cases in the new cluster, and it is still unclear if these cases are related to cases involving a 21-year-old woman who traveled from Queensland to the territory. However, Senator Northern Territory revealed that her sister was the first source of COVID-19 in the remote NT community. Due to the recent outbreak, the territory has been further blocked. Further south, residents of New South Wales, who live in the central western part of the state, are preparing for floods. Check out this incredible footage of floods from the air. The Lucklan River is expected to reach the flood level tonight, and the Meteorological Agency reports it is slightly higher than the 2016 flood. The agency also predicts that the effects of floods could be similar to the 2016 floods. When more than 200 people have evacuated from their homes. But stormy weather isn’t the only homeowner’s vigilance. The Reserve Bank of Australia points out that soaring house prices could increase inequality and drive low-income earners into poverty. It’s a harsh evaluation, but it’s something most of us would have seen come. Many families have double (or more) incomes who cannot afford to buy a home within reasonable limits of their workplace due to soaring prices. “If you own your own home when you retire, that’s basically what you have to do to avoid getting poor in retirement,” said RBA Vice President Luci Ellis. I did. Uh … I hope we can do something to fix this turmoil before the Australian generation falls into poverty. Did you know that you can receive this daily digest by email? Sign up here News you need to know:



Informant: New Reed takes police closer to you | Newcastle Herald

Source link Informant: New Reed takes police closer to you | Newcastle Herald

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