Indy Lights series defeats Hunter Makerea

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Hunter Makerea wins Indy Lights at Iowa Speedway and Matt Brabham finishes third after a post-race penalty to Lundkvist

Hunter Makerea won the Indy Lights twice in a row on Saturday after being promoted to number one on the Iowa Speedway after a post-race penalty was imposed on Linus Lundokuvist.

Series point leader Lundkvist was the first to win the checkered flag in the No. 26 Dale Coyne racing car, 3.4258 seconds ahead of Makerea in the .894 mile oval No. 27 Andretti Autosports car.

However, post-race IndyCar officials determined that Lundkvist had to lead the remaining five laps in a duel with Matthew Brabham, damaging Brabham’s front wing.

Lundokuvist suffered a three-spot penalty and fell to fourth place in the final result. With that penalty, Andretti Autosport dominated the top three. Pole sitter Makerea won, rookie Christian Rasmussen second in the No. 28 Road to Indy / Stellrecht car, and Brabham third in the No. 83 Andretti Autosport entry.

“Obviously, that’s not the way I want to get it,” said Makerea.

“Honestly, I think Matt deserves it. But I take it. Back to back. Get what you get in this game.”

Makerea’s victory in the first oval race of the Indy Lights season was the 250th in the entire Andretti Autosport series.

The flash point for the 75-lap race took place on lap 71. Leader Lundkvist lost momentum on Turn 1, and Brabham swooped into the outer lane, running almost side by side on Turn 2. The high line before he left Brabham touched and damaged the front wing of Brabham. Brabham also made right-hand contact with the SAFER barrier leaving Turn 2 while trying to avoid contact with Lundkvist.

“It was a close battle,” said Lundkvist. “I loosened a bit on (turn) 1, but I found him behind me. But I got a” clear “from the spotter, so I switched lanes. Unfortunately, I think the back just touched his front nose. It’s oval inch perfect and I trust the spotter. I’m sorry to Matt about the incident. “

Brabham said: He seemed to have a hard time getting through that corner, I took the high line and he took the low line. He just got lower and seemed to be trying to block for the next corner. I said, “If you’re going to give me the top, I’ll take the top.” There was an overlap and we were still in line, “Oh, he doesn’t want to give me the top It may be, “he came, feeling as if he understood.

“He said his spotter cleared him, but after all, we still have a mirror. He was giving me the lane first, so I’m there I knew that. “

Brabham remained in second place on the truck in a damaged car until the final lap when teammates Makerea and Rasmussen overtook him.

Makerea led the first 50 laps from Paul and resisted the movement of Lundokuvist on the 35th lap. However, Lundokuvist led the race by overtaking Makerea in the only restart of the race on lap 50. Makerea’s car drifted towards the SAFER barrier on Turn 4. When the field headed for the green flag on restart, Lundkvist gave him a large opening for exploitation.

“That reboot, I don’t know what I did,” Makerea said.

“You have to look back and watch the footage, etc. It’s not really enough to stand up on such a marble.”

Despite losing the penalty that was supposed to be his fifth win in 2022, Lundokuvist remains a significant lead in the series rankings, with five races remaining this season. He is 77 points ahead of Makerea, who jumped from 4th to 2nd in the championship over his teammates Sting Ray Rob and Brabham.

Indy Lights series defeats Hunter Makerea

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