Indigenous vax gaps as more local cases

The increase in COVID-19 cases in regional and remote New South Wales has raised concerns that indigenous communities are not well prepared for outbreaks as travel within the state resumes.

This is the first weekend since the restrictions on the travel of fully vaccinated people from Greater Sydney to the region have been lifted.

Coronavirus cases in the community are also increasing this week.

The Hunter New England Health District recorded more new cases than any other region in New South Wales. That’s 73 of the 249 cases taken locally on Friday.

Ongoing sewage monitoring also found fragments of the virus in samples collected from areas with no known cases.

At the National Cabinet Meeting on Friday, Lieutenant John Fluen, National COVID Vaccine Task Force Coordinator, provided updates on plans to partner with Aboriginal community-managed health agencies to accelerate vaccine deployment.

Modeling at the Doherty Institute found that indigenous communities may require local health strategies.

Federal workers pointed out the “vaccination gap” for indigenous peoples, including five regions where the difference between twice the dose rate of the state and the rate of fully vaccinated indigenous peoples exceeds 20%.

In the Richmond Tweed region, 59.9 percent of indigenous peoples over the age of 15 are fully vaccinated, 63.5 percent in Coffs Harbor Grafton, 63.7 percent in the Mid North Coast, 66.2 percent in New England and North West, and 67.2 percent in Murray.

On Friday, the New South Wales municipality was declared a “green zone” and allowed to travel to Victoria without a quarantine test, but visitors need permission to make sure they are not infected with the virus. is.

This weekend was the last of the Qudos Bank Arena Vaccination Hub in Sydney Olympic Park, where more than 15,000 people were vaccinated daily during some of the recent delta outbreaks.

New South Wales is currently fully vaccinated by 90% of its population, but is aiming for 95% by December 15. At that point, the remaining restrictions, including unvaccinated, will be lifted.

Indigenous vax gaps as more local cases

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