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Indigenous consumers are still targeted

In reference to a recent consumer survey, Rudolph said that 26% of respondents sold additional items such as phones, tablets, and subscriptions that telecommunications providers don’t need.

She added that since March 2020, 22% have disconnected their phone or internet plans, 20% have asked for payday loans to pay for their phone bills, and 26% have been unable to arrange affordable payment plans with their providers. rice field.

Rudolf said her organization would find that fee-based salespeople were trying to sell what they couldn’t afford to indigenous consumers and wouldn’t make them understand what they were paying for. ..

“During these sales practices, people sit with consumers and don’t say how much this actually costs, or” how much will this cost if the data limit is exceeded? ” She said.

“For some indigenous people, the people who set foot in these stores can be very intimidating, and it can be very scary to sit there and have a sales person give you all this information. There is sex.

“What we found is that people say’yes’ just to leave the store without fully understanding what this deal is. “

According to recent reports, the most common financial difficulties experienced by Aboriginal people were utilities (40%), lenders (24%) and credit card debt (24%).

The Commission is also investigating how the Reconciliation Action Plan can improve corporate behavior.

Rudolf said they were “generally good” and encouraged indigenous consumers to get involved in the business, but added that it became more important that it wasn’t a “checkbox practice.”

Telstra said it has taken steps to end the abuse of indigenous customers.

“We are confident that the products, services and support we provide to First Nations customers today, as well as improvements, are industry-leading and that no action has taken place that led to the ACCC findings,” the company said. Spokesman said. Said.

“We recommend that you go ahead and talk to us or the appropriate authorities if you believe your customers are victims of improper sales practices.”

Indigenous consumers are still targeted

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